Feria del Ganado – Equine Fair

One of the oldest and traditionals events of the festival. A Fair to buy donkeys and horses. Open until 3:00 pm

Procesión de San Fermín

Saint Fermin Procession. The corporation of City Hall Pamplona, pick up to Cabildo’s of Pamplona Cathedral and walk to the Chapel of San Fermin. Mass in honor of the saint, chaired by the Archbishop of Pamplona and the Cathedral’s Cabildo. Procession ends at Noon.

Desfile de Caballeros y Mulillas

Mules and riders Parade. Follow La Pamplonesa (Music Band), mules and riders who open the bullfights from Plaza Consistorial to Plaza de Toros (Bull Ring).


La Pamplonesa (Music Band) goes through the streets to wake people up – announcing that the encierro is going to start soon. Dance with them from Plaza Consistorial!


The theatre is on the street. Different companies around Spain animate the streets with many shows.

Musica de Aquí

Ready to dance like a local? Come and dance with a band of piper’s and Txistu’s trypical songs of of Navarra.

Folkloric Music of Spain

The music is the best way to learn more about the differences between Spanish regions – allowing you to see flamenco, jotas, and other typical music of Spain.

Corrida de Rejones – Rejones Bullfight

Traditional fight with 6 Bulls for 3 bullfighters mounted on horseback at the Bull Ring. This is the only chance during the festival to watch the great Rejoneador Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza.  Search for Pamplona Bullfight Tickets.

Pobre de Mi

The Mayor of Pamplona announce the end of the festival of San Fermín, and summons us to get back in Pamplona next year, to celebrate once more together.

Corrida de Toros – Bullfights

3 Bullfighters will fight the 6 bulls who run that morning at the bull ring. Find Pamplona Bullfight Tickets.