Private Dinner at Abaco Restaurant

171.00 USD

Since most restaurants close on the last day of Fiesta, it can be very hard to get a meal. So we’ve worked with our friends at the Abaco gourmet restaurant to open just to our guests. We have the added privilege of eating at 7:30pm which will allow us to make it to our Closing Ceremonies balconies by 10:30pm.

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Address and Details

Address: Calle Juan de Labrit, 19

Ábaco is dedication, passion, and uniqueness in every detail. After immersing into diverse cuisines in the U.S., England, Chile, and Argentina, Chef Jesús Íñigo came back to Spain and made his way through some of the country’s most prestigious restaurants. Jesús Íñigo finally opened the renowned Abaco restaurant in 2008 and it quickly became one of Pamplona’s best.

Jesús Íñigo’s award-winning creations have a very strong personality that merges international influences with solid Navarran roots. Here, the Basque and Catalan cuisines are well represented in Jesús’ dishes. Every ingredient has a strong connection to Jesús’s journey, and guests love to experience that.

Not to mention, Abaco is located in a very emblematic spot in Pamplona… right across the Plaza de Toros. This iconic location lets you dine right in the middle of it! Chef Jesús Íñigo and his amazing team will surely make your dining experience unforgettable.

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