Abaco Restaurant

Abaco is the most prominent rising star of Pamplona cuisine. Located directly across from the Plaza de Toros, Abaco is one of Spain’s top gastronomic experiences. The restaurant has twice been awarded the Pintxos Champion of Euskal Herria, and is the 4-time winner of the Pincho de Navarra Award, and winner of the Best Tapa Concept and Top Vanguardist Tapa in Spain.

Founding Chef, Jesús Íñigo, traveled to the US, England, Chile, and Argentina to immerse himself in international kitchens since he was 16 years old. On his return to Spain, Chef Íñigo went through the most prestigious kitchens in the country: El Bulli, Arzak, Akelarre … until he decided to open his own the Abaco Bar-Restaurant. There, along with his team, he made his way through his innovative creations in pintxo form that have served him recognition in the most remarkable gastronomic contests nationally.

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Address: 49 Calle de la Estafeta, Pamplona, Navarra, ES

If you are going to arrive late, please call the restaurant to try to delay your reservation. If you arrive more than 30 minutes late without prior notice, the reservation will be cancelled and the money is non-refundable. Because you are competing with 1 million other visitors for this space, the restaurant will be strict.

Chez Belagua welcomes you to the Basque region with a traditional cider house menu accompanied by cider and Navarran wines. Located on Estafeta—the festival’s most famous street—Chez Belagua is a lively dining experience in the heart of the festival.


This voucher is for the Sam Fermin Fixed Menu, which may include the following:

  • Txistorra (Basque sausage)
  • Tortilla (fish, egg and potato casserole)
  • Chuleton (thick steak)
  • Bacalao (fish)
  • unlimited Cider and Wine

Cancellation Policy

Based on your completed purchase, we make a commitment to providers in Pamplona, Spain. Because our suppliers are very firm about cancellations, we must be as well. Our ability to refund your purchase is based on the probability that we are able to resell your reservation to another party and, therefore, depends on the timing of your cancellation. When purchasing from us, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the following cancellation policy for the Fiesta Campera:

Before April 1st: 75% Refund of total booking
April 1st to May 1st: 50% Refund of total booking
May 2nd to June 1st: 25% Refund of total booking
After June 2nd: No Refund

If you are concerned about a cancellation, you may consider purchasing travel insurance to cover potential losses.