Bull Run Balcony Spot: Dead Man’s Corner, Level 1 or 2

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Dead Man’s Corner balconies are our Premium Balconies for enjoying the Running of the Bulls. These balconies boast exceptional views of Mercaderes Street and Dead Man’s Corner.

During the race, you can watch the bulls and runners make a hard right turn through Dead Man’s Corner. As a Level 1 or Level 2 balcony, you will be close enough to smell the stench of the bulls and the fear in the runners. An hour before the Bull Run starts, the runners begin lining up directly under this window adding an extra bit of pre-run excitement!

Price is per-person on a shared balcony. Everyone gets a front-row view.

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Additional Information

All children 5 years or under may visit our Running of the Bulls balconies at no charge if they stand in front of or are held by a parent or guardian at all times.


Price listed is per person on a shared balcony. If you would like to reserve a complete balcony, please call or chat with us for more information.

Typically, coffee and cookies are served at this balcony.

Cancellation Policy

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After June 2nd: No Refund

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