Running of the Bulls Picture Gallery

Browse amazing Running of the Bulls pictures capture the energy, the chaos and the passion of this 400-year-old tradition. The San Fermin festival takes place every summer from July 6 to 14, and draws enormous crowds who come to watch or participate in the world-famous Pamplona bull runs.

San Fermin Pictures

Revelers clad in white and red pack the streets of Pamplona’s Old Quarter, where music, dancing, and lively parades take place. The daily bull runs and evening bullfights are the highlights of the 9-day celebration, which kicks off with a pyrotechnic blast at noon on July 6th.

The fiesta caters to young spectators as well, as seen in photos of the ‘Encierro txiki,’ where hundreds of children are chased by bull and oxen on wheels from Santo Domingo to the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

Excited festival-goers position themselves on balconies to watch the mozos try and outrun bulls each morning.

Firework contests are an integral part of the San Fermin fiesta. Every evening at 11 PM, spectacular displays of reds, blues, greens and golds light up the night sky over Pamplona.

Navarra is home to stunning scenery and is one of Spain’s most important wine regions. Visitors can enjoy exquisite vintages in Pamplona restaurants or book a full-day wine tour to area vineyards.

Pictures of Pamplona Bull Run

Thousands of adrenaline-seeking visitors participate in Pamplona’s Running of the Bulls, risking life and limb to run the half-mile gauntlet through the historic heart of the old city. The thrill-seekers must position themselves strategically to avoid being gored, trampled or injured as they surge down the narrow, cobbled streets with six of Spain’s largest and fastest fighting bulls. Every year, dozens of bull runners are injured – some requiring hospitalization.

Here is a look at some of the wildest pictures of running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain. You can also check out some Running of the Bulls videos.