Tours in Pamplona, Spain

Experience the rich culture, picturesque beauty, and amazing hospitality of Navarre, Spain with our unique selection of Pamplona tours and activities. Whether you’re a first-time visitor coming for the San Fermin Festival or a travel agent searching for a reputable tour operator, you’ll find inspiring excursions that highlight the diversity and splendor of Pamplona’s people and most cherished traditions. Explore regional wineries tucked in the Navarran countryside, delve into mouthwatering Basque cuisine or take an in-depth look at the origins of the Running of the Bulls. Besides hosting one of the world’s most exciting fiestas, this historic city boasts architectural masterpieces, exquisite landscapes and award-winning wines.

Many of our top-rated tours in Pamplona focus on the festival itself, featuring access to interesting cultural events that take place during the Running of the Bulls.

Discover idyllic spots and fascinating events as you tour Pamplona’s old town, surrounding mountains and beyond. If you’re interested in planning the trip of a lifetime, we highly suggest completing our  Pamplona Expert Travel Advice  form.

Running of the Bulls Tour with an Expert Runner

This hour-long journey down the cobbled streets of Pamplona provides unparalleled insight into the fabled history of El Encierro – the Running of the Bulls. If you’ve ever wondered how daredevil locals – and visitors—run the gauntlet unscathed, this is the tour for you! Dennis Clancey, veteran bull runner and director of the documentary Chasing Red, explains the strategies used by mozos (bull runners) as they sprint down the narrow streets of Santo Domingo, Mercaderes and Estafeta trying to avoid being trampled by 1,200-pound beasts. Wireless earpieces make listening a breeze as you wander the noisy route through Pamplona’s Old Quarter. Tour groups are kept small to ensure a more personalized experience as Dennis sheds light on the realities of being a bull runner in the San Fermin Festival.

Torero Training & Bull Ranch Tour

Ever dream about being a professional bullfighter, or torero? Practice your cape skills and bravado on this hands-on and entertaining tour. Travel to a bull ranch on the outskirts of Pamplona where you can hop in the ring with a one-year old vaquilla (little bull) and test your mettle waving a fiery red cape. Visitors 16 and older are invited to train with a torero in the ring, while guests of all ages can sit back and enjoy the spectacle. Learn the nuances of this elaborate performance art which requires more skill and finesse than you’d imagine. The tour includes tapas and sangria at the finca and roundtrip transportation from Café Tres Reyes in Pamplona.

Navarran Wine Tour

Looking for the best Pamplona wine tours? Join discerning travelers who appreciate the gastronomy and history of this vibrant wine-producing region with a guided tour of local Navarran wineries. Sample a variety of top-notch vintages as you mix and mingle on our visit to the beautiful vineyards in the Navarran countryside.

Cuadrilla Dinner & Pamplona’s Famous Fireworks

A Cuadrilla dinner – where neighbors and friends break bread together at a street side table – is among Pamplona’s oldest and most treasured traditions. Join us on a culinary adventure inside the lovely Baluarte Arts Centre, where we’ll dine together and eat as the locals do. Tempt your palate with a flavorful multi-course meal prepared by a respected Navarra-based chef and wash it down with plenty of free-flowing wine. After enjoying a hearty meal, join us for fireworks viewing on the rooftop terrace of the Baluarte. This 3-hour event is a must for foodies, wine lovers and anyone who wants to experience the traditional flavors of Pamplona. Ask about tour inclusions such as pre-dinner cocktails and Flamenco dancing!

Welcome Tapas and Cathedral Tour

The night before the San Fermin Festival kicks off, join us for an exclusive tour of the Pamplona Cathedral, followed by tapas and fine wines produced in the Navarra region. This private reception is held in the inner court of the Cathedral, where our team is on hand to answer questions before the fiesta starts. The tapas and Cathedral Tour is sure to be a highlight of your trip and a delicious way to learn more about the famed Running of the Bulls.

Lunch Time Tapas and Wine

What better way to start your exploration of Basque wine and tapas than a guided tasting with a local expert! Take a seat in a tapas bar open exclusively to our guests, and savor your way through three local wines, each paired with a fabulously creative pintxo. The tasting i s accompanied by commentary from a local food and wine expert whose knowledge of wine production and regional Navarra cuisine is unsurpassed. Tuck into tasty Basque tapas prepared with a twist and you’ll understand why Ernest Hemingway fell in love with the city! Children are welcome to join in the fun and have their own menu of kid-friendly favorites.

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  • La Curva

    Running of the Bulls Tour with an Expert Runner

    Learn bull running strategy from one of the best, and get as close as possible to the reality of being a bull runner. Our Encierro tour is hosted by Dennis Clancey, expert bull runner and Director of the documentary, Chasing Red (Sponsored by Running of the Bulls, Inc.). This hour-long tour is your most informative, professional option for getting to know the Running of the Bulls route and history.
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  • Torero Training & Bull Ranch Tour

    Torero Training & Bull Ranch Tour

    Whether you want to be in the ring or just watch others get run over by a baby bull, this is a really entertaining event. Join us as we drive to the finca (bull ranch) outside of Pamplona for a tapas lunch and the chance to practice your cape skills with the one-year-old vaquillas (little bulls). Click here for a quick video overview of the event.

    $125.00 Select options
  • entertaining clients

    Navarran Wine Tour

    Experience the beauty of the vineyards of Tempranillo, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Garnacha grapes at two of Navarra's best wineries. Lezaun, founded 1780, blends tradition and innovation by growing organic wines on this 18th century estate. At Pago de Larrainzar, adjacent to Irache’s Monastery on the St James’ Way, harvest is still carried out by hand, in small boxes, selected bunch by bunch. Enjoy a tasting of two wines with light refreshments overlooking the Estate.
    $110.00 Select options
  • Running of the Bulls Bullfight tickets

    Guided Bullfight Viewing

    Experience bullfighting through the eyes of award-winning author and bullfighter, Alexander Fiske-Harrison. This private crash course in bullfighting gives you a narration of the bullfight from your seats (sold separately) in the arena.
    $2,104.00 Select options
  • calle olite

    Welcome Tapas and Cathedral Tour

    July 5th only!The night before the festival begins, we welcome our guests with an exclusive tour of Pamplona's famous Cathedral by a local guide, followed by delicious tapas accompanied by fine wines of the Navarra region. The event is held in the inner court of the Cathedral as a private reception. Our team will be present to answer any questions you may have before the fiesta starts.
    $115.00 Select options
  • fireworks

    Cuadrilla Dinner & Pamplona’s Famous Fireworks

    Each night of the festival, we host a dinner where we dine as a group--a Cuadrilla--like the locals do in the streets. Our Cuadrilla is held inside the beautiful Baluarte Arts Centre, with free flowing wine and delicious meal prepared by a local chef. Afterwards, we join Pamplona VIPs for a cocktail on the roof of the Baluarte and watch Pamplona's famous fireworks.*

    *Baluarte does not permit children under 12 on the rooftop terrace for the fireworks. If you are traveling with young children, please purchase the dinner-only option for those who will not attend the rooftop fireworks.

    $110.00$150.00 Select options
  • Lunch Tapas Pintxos

    Lunchtime Tapas and Wine

    What better way to start your exploration of Basque wine and tapas (pintxos) than a guided tasting with a local expert! Take a seat in a tapas bar open exclusively to our guests, and taste your way through 3 local wines, each paired with its own pintxo. The tasting is accompanied by commentary from a local food & wine expert who will discuss the wines--their varieties, production, and wineries--and the innovative pintxos, which present traditional basque cooking with a twist.Children are welcome, and have their own menu of croquettes, ham sandwich, and orange juice.
    $47.00$67.00 Select options