pamplona travel center

Pamplona Travel Center

Every summer during the San Fermin festival, the provincial city of Pamplona expands from 250,000 to well over a million people, all of whom are anxiously awaiting the most thrilling minutes of their lives. The centuries-old festivities—held from July 6th – 14th — include many folkloric and traditional events but none garners more attention and excitement than the high-octane Running of the Bulls. This frenzied spectacle is one of Spain’s most famous traditions and is now known as the World’s Largest Fiesta™, luring visitors from the world over.

Sightseers descend on Pamplona for an exhilarating week of partying, dancing, fireworks, parades with giant papier-mâché figures, presentations of rural Basque sports, bullfights, and watching or sprinting alongside 12,000 pounds of brazen bovines as they charge through the historic streets.

The mission of Running of the Bulls, Inc. is to promote the San Fermin festival abroad, educate runners and tourists, attract sponsors to the event, coordinate corporate hospitality and provide exceptional travel and tourism services.

Experience the magic, the history and the hair-raising adrenaline of the San Fermin fiesta with our tour services, accommodations and Pamplona travel packages.

Pamplona Travel Packages

Unveil the beauty and rich culture of this medieval city with our exclusive Pamplona travel packages. Featuring modern accommodations, VIP events, interactive tours and premium seats to watch the bullfights and Running of the Bulls, our top-selling packages can be booked anytime during the San Fermin Festival. Indulge in Pamplona’s amazing offerings with our carefully curated itineraries that usher you into the world’s biggest and most renowned street festival. Our travel experts can even craft a custom travel package that accommodates your dates and preferences.

Pamplona Hotels

Pamplona’s Running of the Bulls is a Bucket List event for increasing numbers of people. As such, accommodations in the Navarre region book up several months in advance. When you’re traveling thousands of miles just to experience the San Fermin Festival, it’s worth it to secure a hotel that is close to all the action. Pamplona features a diverse range of lodging options, from budget hostels to luxurious, 5-star hotels. Some of the premium Pamplona hotel rooms sell out as early as January, particularly those in the Old Town (Casco Viejo). We have partnerships with a number of reputable hotels that are strategically located within a short drive or walk to the festival’s key events.

Pamplona Balconies

Seasoned festival-goers know that the best way to watch the Running of the Bulls is from the safety of a private apartment balcony. There are few public spectator areas in the Old Town and they tend to be overcrowded. Enjoy great views and phenomenal photo opportunities during this mad dash, which lasts all of three minutes. When you rent one of our Running of the Bulls balconies – some of which boast prime locales overlooking Dead Man’s Corner and Estafeta Street – you can observe the most perilous stretches from the comfort of a catbird seat.

Bullfighting in Pamplona

A highlight of Pamplona’s annual extravaganza is undoubtedly las corridas de toros – Spanish bullfighting. Every afternoon of the 8-day festival, spectators gather to watch the country’s finest matadors take on Spain’s best bulls from esteemed breeding ranches. Visitors can also watch novice bullfighters and young bulls in a special event held on July 5. Bullfighting in Pamplona is the cornerstone of the San Fermin fiestas, dating back millennia. The lion’s share of the bullfight seats belongs to local residents who have season tickets that are passed on from one generation to the next. Reserve your tickets with us and get access to the best seats in the sun (full of partiers) or the shade (for serious bullfighting fans).

Pamplona Restaurant Guide

Celebrated chefs. Locally-sourced ingredients. Innovative dishes at Michelin-starred eateries. This is your culinary adventure during the San Fermin Festival, with a little guidance from us. Delight your palate with superlative wine, mind-blowing pintxos (tapas) and mouthwatering cuisine with our Pamplona restaurant guide. Tip: the town’s finest restaurants require pre-paid booking, which you can arrange directly with us!

International Fireworks Competition

Each night at 11:00 p.m., all eyes turn toward the Southwest skies above Pamplona which are filled with fireworks exploding into brilliant displays of intense colors creatively designed by Europe’s leading pyrotechnics firms. These companies are competing against each other to win the coveted San Fermin International Fireworks Competition. Their teams use wild imagination and advanced digital technology to design different shows that amaze and delight the hundreds of thousands who gather to experience a nightly masterpiece. The very best place to view one of the nightly fireworks displays is from the rooftop of the Baluarte Performing Arts Center building directly across from where the rockets are launched from the moat in the old Citadel in Vuelta del Castillo Park. But it takes a special VIP ticket.

Pamplona Transports

Looking for private Pamplona transport during your stay? While the city has reliable taxis and public bus services, they are often overwhelmed during peak festival season, leading to frustratingly long wait times. Enjoy a stress-free vacation with our door-to-door transport service that gets you from point A to B on time. Whether you need transport from the Pamplona train station or airport, or want to explore nearby cities, our professional chauffeurs will ensure your journey is smooth and comfortable in our fleet of modern sedans and minibuses.

Pamplona Tours

Whether you’re a die-hard foodie, wine lover or an outdoor enthusiast, the Navarre region is brimming with intriguing activities that cater to all interests.  Discover regional wineries, sample traditional Spanish tapas, fish in the Pyrenees Mountains, or practice your matador skills on a Bull Ranch excursion. Many of our Pamplona tours incorporate cultural activities that are part of the San Fermin Festival. Want to learn more about the strategy used by the “mozos” – the brave souls who jockey in front of the thundering herd? Participate in our hour-long Encierro tour, hosted by one of Pamplona’s expert bull runners.