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Pamplona Balconies

If you want to actually watch the Running of the Bulls®, it is essential to rent a spot on a private balcony. At street level, there are barricades at certain intersections along the bull run route, but getting a view from the top rail is difficult. Thousands gather around 5am to stake out their spot – and only the top row gets a view. In addition, the front barricades are strictly for medical and safety personnel, leaving the view from behind partially blocked.

The best way to watch with a clear view and a comfortable spot is to reserve a balcony space on the bull run route. Prices vary widely, based on the dates and the balcony level. Prices are highest on the first bull run of the festival, on July 7th each year.

Our balconies below include an English-speaking guide to welcome you, coffee and light pastries to help you wake up in the early morning, as well as our Trip Plans app to help you navigate straight to the door of the balcony.

**If you’re looking for travel advice on your Pamplona balcony or other aspects of your trip, we highly suggest completing our Pamplona Expert Travel Advice form.**

Opening and Closing Balconies

  • Opening Ceremony

    Txupinazo Opening Ceremonies Balcony

    In Pamplona, the San Fermin Festival literally opens with a bang! The Txupinazo Opening Ceremonies, officially opened by Pamplona’s mayor, features rockets, the raising of panuelos and other exciting revelries. It is also the signal to the masses of partygoers that they may officially tie their red scarves around their necks.Dive into the mayhem with our Opening Ceremonies balcony and enjoy wine and tapas while experiencing San Fermin's most unique festival atmosphere.
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  • pobre de mi

    Closing Ceremonies Balcony Spot: Pobre de Mi

    Sadly, as is with all things, the San Fermin Festival must come to an end, but it does so in magnificence.The Pobre de Mi Closing Ceremonies are a fitting tribute to the mayhem and pageantry of the Running of the Bulls and the San Fermin Festival. Thousands gather in the Plaza Consistorial to say goodbye to the fiesta through singing and dancing.Our Balcony is the perfect place to participate in the ceremony held annually on July 14th as you can be part of the festivities and also get a bird's eye view of this beautiful candle-lit event. The ceremony ends on a happy note as the Pamplonicas celebrate the next San Fermin Festival arrival being one day closer!
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Bull Run Balconies – by Level

Bull Run Balconies – By Section

  • How to participate in Running of the Bulls

    Bull Run Balcony Spot: Santo Domingo, Level 3

    This Pamplona balcony overlooking Calle Santo Domingo offers a great location for viewing the first stretch of the Running of the Bulls or "encierro", one of the most perilous parts of the run. From here, you are able to hear the participants sing the prayer to San Fermín before their run as well as see the runners looking for the bulls at the "corrales".Santo Domingo consists of 280 meters and is run by only the most experienced runners as the bulls tear extremely fast out of the gate and through this section of the Bull Run Route.This balcony also has a back door which will allow you to avoid the crowd of runners when entering the apartment. This is especially convenient for guests with children or those with limited mobility.
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  • Mercadores Street Pamplona

    Bull Run Balcony Spot: Mercaderes, Level 1 or 2

    This is the perfect place to have an exciting experience and to be close to the bravo bulls!Before the race, from this location, viewers are able to watch the pastores (runners) take their positions and watch the police draw the line for maximum number of runners for the day.During the race, this section of the bull run route allows the bulls to slow down just slightly, giving spectators numerous photo opportunities.If you looking for value for the price you won't find a better deal than this.
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  • View of Dead Man's Corner

    Bull Run Balcony Spot: Dead Man’s Corner, Level 1 or 2

    Dead Man's Corner balconies are our Premium Balconies for enjoying the Running of the Bulls. These balconies boast exceptional views of Mercaderes Street and Dead Man's Corner.During the race, you can watch the bulls and runners make a hard right turn through Dead Man's Corner. As a Level 1 or Level 2 balcony, you will be close enough to smell the stench of the bulls and the fear in the runners. An hour before the Bull Run starts, the runners begin lining up directly under this window adding an extra bit of pre-run excitement!
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  • runners and bulls on estafeta street pamplona

    Bull Run Balcony Spot: Estafeta, Level 1

    This balcony provides a view of the longest stretch of the bull run route down Estafeta Street. From the Level 1 balcony, you'll be right over the heads of the runners and bulls as they make their way up the final section of the route towards the Plaza de Toros.
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