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Pamplona Balconies

If you want to actually see the Running of the Bulls®, it is essential to rent a spot on a private balcony. There are barricades at some intersections along the bull run route, but the masses gather there around 5am to stake out their spot – and only the first row gets a view. Plus, the first barricade is dedicated to medical and safety personnel, so getting a view is difficult. The best way to choose a balcony spot in Pamplona is to search our database below and reserve the spots well in advance. Prices vary widely, based on the dates and the view. All of our balconies include an English-speaking guide to welcome you, and our Trip Plans app with GPS to lead you straight to the door of the balcony.

If you’re looking for travel advice beyond your Pamplona balcony, we highly suggest completing our Pamplona Expert Travel Advice form.

  • pobre de mi

    Closing Ceremonies Balcony Spot: Pobre de Mi

    Sadly, as is with all things, the San Fermin Festival must come to an end, but it does so in magnificence.The Pobre de Mi Closing Ceremonies are a fitting tribute to the mayhem and pageantry of the Running of the Bulls and the San Fermin Festival. Thousands gather in the Plaza Consistorial to say goodbye to the fiesta through singing and dancing.Our Balcony is the perfect place to participate in the ceremony held annually on July 14th as you can be part of the festivities and also get a bird's eye view of this beautiful candle-lit event. The ceremony ends on a happy note as the Pamplonicas celebrate the next San Fermin Festival arrival being one day closer!
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