How to Run with the Bulls

Every day in Pamplona we see dreams crushed when hundreds of people get disqualified from the bull run before it even begins. While the concept is pretty simple – stay away from the bull and run for your life – actually participating takes forethought and knowledge of the event. The city of Pamplona publishes the rules in Spanish on their website but they are of little use because they don’t tell you how to run, only how not to get disqualified.


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The Six Most Common Bull Running Mistakes

Sign up for our free mini crash course and learn how to avoid the most serious mistakes made by most first-time bull runners in Pamplona. These are the key things everyone wished they had known before attempting to run with the bulls. Nothing will guarantee a safe run but there are several things that reduce your chances of getting badly injured.

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Learn How to Run with the Bulls

Whether you’re an aspiring runner or a seasoned veteran, we have created a portal that connects like-minded people. Our online Bull Runners Club is a web-based learning and networking environment for both first-time and experienced visitors to the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona. We created this club because we got tired of seeing people spend thousands of dollars on their trip to the Running of the Bulls, and to then have a terrible experience; may that be disqualification from the run, suffering serious injuries that could have been avoided, or failing to watch the run because they didn’t have access.

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Bull Runners Club – An Online Community for Learning

The Running of the Bulls Runners Club provides comprehensive and structured information for first time bull runners who can glean insider tips from those who’ve run the gauntlet in Pamplona and want to share their knowledge and passion for the event.

Looking for candid guidance on how to prepare for the most exhilarating run of your life? Want to network with other bull run aficionados and swap tips and stories? Need assistance planning the perfect trip to Pamplona and beautiful Basque Country? You’re in the right place!

Members can avail themselves of multiple opportunities to join an online dialogue about Spain’s wildest and most iconic bull running festival through forums, direct messaging and a dynamic social media environment.

Running of the Bulls – Features of the Online Runners Club

Our online forum is an interactive platform for learning, sharing and making new friends. Get in-depth advice on how to participate in Running of the Bulls plus everything you need to know about the World’s Largest Fiesta™!

The Bull Runners Club features:

  • Bull Running 101: a detailed “how to” course for aspiring bull runners
  • Beyond Bulls in Pamplona: a guide to planning your ideal trip to Pamplona
  • Introduction to Bullfighting: the history, traditions and what to expect
  • Forums for members: get insight on festival activities, bull run routes and Pamplona hotels
  • Webinars: hosted by bull running experts (known locally as mozos)
  • Hall of Fame: with runners’ profiles and photos of their bull run
  • Social media network that lets you create individual profile pages, send private messages & connect


Prepare for the Run of a Lifetime!

Sprinting in front of six Spanish fighting bulls on slippery cobblestones isn’t for everyone. If you really want to prepare for the most exhilarating and dangerous experience of your life, we encourage you to join our Bull Runners Club and review the Official Event Schedule for the coming year.  The morning bull runs may be the star of the San Fermin Festival, but there’s much more to explore, discover and enjoy. From folkloric performances and parades to fireworks and marching bands, there are literally hundreds of interesting events spanning the nine-day festival.

Nothing in the world compares to the San Fermin Fiesta. Where else can you enjoy cultural traditions, music, parades, non-stop partying and the thrills of daily bull runs and nightly bullfights? We hope you can join us.

Pamplona Housing during the San Fermin Festival

Every July, the San Fermin Festival lures adrenaline-seeking travelers from the world over who want to be more than just onlookers at this traditional celebration. For eight consecutive days, revelers and festival-goers are treated to the ultimate in hair-raising spectacle – the Running of the Bulls – a gripping three minutes of unrivaled excitement, mayhem and danger. Thousands of men and women come to Pamplona with sole purpose of joining the encierros (bull runs), and most are there for the very first (and last) time.

It’s no secret that places to stay in Pamplona during Running of the Bulls is limited. Hotels and hostels book up six months in advance, and apartments in the city center are also in high demand. Here at Running of the Bulls®, Inc. we have established connections with Pamplona residents, many of whom own apartments with some prime balcony views.

Housing costs increase substantially during the San Fermin Festival, but we try to offer a range of options to meet all budgets. Our travel experts can hook you up with VIP Packages that feature 3, 4, and 5-star accommodations. Wondering how to reserve a balcony spot, or the best zone to watch the bull runs? Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about Running of the Bulls.