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The Pamplona Bull Run is an event on many people’s bucket list. One of Spain’s most celebrated traditions, the San Fermin Festival is staged every year from July 6th to July 14th, when over one million tourists descend on Navarre’s historic capital to witness the adrenaline-fueled spectacle of runners pursued by noble fighting beasts.

Our mission here at Running of the Bulls® is to help visitors understand the history and traditions of the San Fermin Festival – the World’s Largest Fiesta™.  Our site is widely considered the authority on the Pamplona running of the bulls and provides in-depth information for those who want to participate in the bull runs, as well as visiting tourists. In addition to promoting the San Fermin Fiesta abroad, our team attracts sponsors to the event, coordinates corporate hospitality and media coverage, and facilitates access to top-tier tourism services throughout Pamplona and the Navarra region.

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Our goal is to empower people with knowledge and inspire a passion to explore the sights, sounds, and unique thrills of Pamplona’s San Fermin Festival.

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Pamplona Running of The Bulls – An Iconic Tradition

The Running of the Bulls is a centuries-old tradition, with records dating back to 1591, when the San Fermin Festival was moved from October to July. The bull runs start at 8 o-clock each morning during the fiestas of San Fermin, as six fighting bulls dash through the cobblestone streets, along an 875-meter course. The bull runners, known locally as “mozos,” wear the traditional white uniform accented with a red scarf and belt.

While they last only a few minutes, the daily bull runs during the festival are without question one of the most popular events for tourists visiting Spain in the summer.

Many organizations and institutions contribute to the success of the Running of the Bulls each year, including the City Hall of Pamplona, Regional Government of Navarra, Casa de Misericordia, Navarra Emergency Agency, Red Cross, DYA, Navarra Health Service, Federation of Peñas, Municipal Police, the Pastores, Ganaderos, Corredores, Dobladores, and the Carpinteros.

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