About the Running of the Bulls®

about the festivalThe Running of the Bulls is a centuries-old tradition, with records dating back to 1591, when the San Fermín Festival was moved from October to July. Since then, the event has grown to become the World’s Largest Fiesta™ receiving over 1 million visitors from all over the world.

Many organizations and institutions contribute to the success of the Running of the Bulls, including the City Hall of Pamplona, Regional Government of Navarra, Casa de Misericordia, Navarra Emergency Agency, Red Cross, DYA, Navarra Health Service, Federation of Peñas, Municipal Police, the Pastores, Ganaderos, Corredores, Dobladores, and Carpinteros.

The mission of Running of the Bulls, Inc. is to promote the fiesta abroad, educate runners and tourists, attract sponsors to the event, coordinate corporate hospitality and media coverage, and facilitate access to travel and tourism services.


Pamplona Bull Run Map

Pamplona - Bull Run Map