Frequently Asked Questions: Running of the Bulls

Planning your Pamplona vacation for the Running of the Bulls® can be very overwhelming at times, especially on your first trip. Our list of questions can be fairly extensive, but feel free to reach out to us directly if you have any questions!

When is the Running of the Bulls

Why should I reserve a balcony space?

When should I book my lodging accommodations?

What if hotels are full or expensive. Are there alternatives?

Do you sell hotel accommodations for the Running of the Bulls® in Pamplona, Spain?

What if I need to cancel my purchase? Will I receive a refund?

I purchased a balcony space, what do I do next?

Will breakfast be served in the balcony?

How many people will a private balcony in Pamplona hold?

Is the cost the same for children as adults?

How much should I expect to pay for a balcony space?

Which days are the best to attend the San Fermin Festival?

How do I purchase a balcony spot?

Which is the best zone to watch from?

When should I reserve my balcony spot?

What is the Running of the Bulls® or “Encierro?”

Frequently Asked Questions about the San Fermin Festival

What happens after the Bull Run (encierro) is over?

Can I watch the Bull Run (encierro) from the bullfight arena (Plaza de Toros)?

What are the rules for running with the bulls?

I want to run with the bulls. How does it work?

Are there activities available for children?

Are pets allowed at the Running of the Bulls®?

Can I bring children to the San Fermin Festival?

What is the weather like during the Running of the Bulls®?