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Pamplona Bull Runner Center


If you are considering running with the bulls, then it is in your best interest to learn as much as possible. As the sponsor of Chasing Red, the upcoming movie about expert bull runners, we have access to experienced runners who can share some of their insight with you.
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Official Rules

First of all, it is essential that you read and follow the Official Rules for the Running of the Bulls®.


Running with the Bulls in Pamplona is not safe. It is dangerous. That’s why people do it. Please don’t run if you think this is just a game. Everyone who steps inside the bull run route risks injury and death and should be prepared to accept the consequences of their choice to participate. This site does not promote running, but we provide this information as a service for people who understand the risks and choose to run anyway. Read more about Safety at the Running of the Bulls.


The jury is out on what kind of preparation is useful. One thing is clear, you need to be able to dodge both man and beast, and have all your wits about you. If your awareness and thinking are even slightly impaired from partying, we recommend you do not run. Read more about Training for the Running of the Bulls.

We recommend the following resources for anyone considering Running with the Bulls: