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Official Rules

The Official Rules for the Encierro (Bull Run)

Here are the official rules stating what is prohibited for runners during the bull run (Encierro in Spanish).  These are published by the City of Pamplona and are strongly enforced each morning, all along the bull run route.  If you are found violating these rules, you can be ejected from the bull run, detained, or arrested, depending on the severity of your infraction.  The purpose of these rules is to protect yourselves and others from increased risk of injury in an already dangerous situation.

What is forbidden for runners at the Running of the Bulls:

1. The presence on the route of minors under the age of 18, who are absolutely excluded from the right to run or take part.
2. Going beyond the police barriers which those in charge consider advisable to put up for the smooth running of the race.
3. Entering zones and places along the route to which access has been expressly prohibited by officials.
4. Before the bulls are released, waiting in corners, blind spots, doorways or premises located along the route.
5. Keeping doors of shops or doorways of houses along the route open, with the owners or tenants of the premises concerned being responsible for ensuring this.
6. Remaining on the route in a state of drunkeness, under the effect of drugs or engaging in any other improper behaviour.
7. Carrying objects deemed unsuitable for the smooth running of the encierro (including any type of camera or video camera).
8. Wearing clothes or footwear deemed unsuitable for the race.
9. Provoking the bulls or attracting their attention in any way and for any reason along the route or around the edge of the bullring.
10. Running towards the bulls or running behind them.
11. Grabbing, harassing or mistreating the bulls or making it difficult for anyone to leave the encierro during the capeas (bullfights with young bulls).
12. Stopping along the route and remaining on the fence, barriers or doorways in such a way as to obstruct the race or hinder the defence of the runners.
13. Taking photographs from the streets, fences or barriers without due authorization.
14. Installing any elements that may encroach on the horizontal, vertical or aerial space along the route, except by express authorixation of the mayor’s office. .
15. Any other act that may hinder the normal progress of the encierro.

Source:  Ayuntamiento de Pamplona

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