The penultimate portion of the Pamplona bull run route is Telefonica, a relatively short stretch that passes in front of the Telephone Exchange building. Even though it’s just 100 yards long, Telefonica is notoriously treacherous for runners.

If you’re intent on participating in the Running of the Bulls, here are some tips depending on your skill level and experience.

Telefonica – Not for Beginners

Novice runners may be tempted to run the Telefonica because of its width and brevity. However, the inexperienced will find it challenging to adjust to the change of pace in this segment. The bulls are getting tired at this point, and if there is a lone bovine on the loose, he is more prone to wreak havoc and cause injury due to agitation and exhaustion. First-timers should not attempt Telefonica, and if you find yourself here with the bulls, get out as quickly as you can and take cover.

In 2009, a 27-year old veteran bull runner was killed by a lone bull, Cappuccino of the Jandilla ranch. Daniel Jimeno Romero was extricating himself out of a pile-up on Telefonica when Cappuccino veered into the barricades, goring Romero in the neck. According to news reports, the bull runner died in a matter of minutes.

Aim for the center of the street

For intermediate-level runners with some practice under the belt, Telefonica can be slightly more manageable. Try and stay in the middle of the street, but keep your eyes peeled for a suelto (loose bull). Juan Pedro Lecuona, another expert runner, is the key player on Telefonica. Watch as he sprints through the melee, clearing a path for the bulls. 

Practiced runners know to avoid the sides of Telefonica, where pile-ups are more common. Watch out for fallen runners and be ready to jump over and maneuver around any obstacle in your way. As the herd approaches, quicken your pace and aim for the open pocket, if there is one!

For more details on the terrain, risks, and lengths of the entire route, please see our Pamplona Bull Run Map. If you want to watch the bull run in safety we recommend our Pamplona balcony rentals to enjoy the run with a great view.

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