Town Hall Pamplona

The Pamplona bull run route has many technical sections, and Town Hall, locally known as Plaza del Ayuntamiento is one of them. It was on this 100-meter portion that a bull runner named Mathew Tasio was gored to death in 1995. Witnesses say he broke the cardinal rule by standing up after a fall, and blocking the way of the rampaging herd. Tasio was tossed some 20 yards in the process, and died shortly thereafter.

This portion of the Pamplona bull run gradually widens as you approach Ayuntamiento square and then move onto Calle Mercaderes. If you need to make an emergency exit, Town Hall is your best bet, since this segment has the longest stretch of uninterrupted fencing along the whole course.

Town Hall Pamplona – tips for running

Here are some recommendations based on your experience and skill level:

  • First-timer runners: Position yourself before Plaza del Ayuntamiento, and keep in mind that the bulls will gravitate toward the right side of the fence. Stay on the left side, about 3 feet from the barricades. Wait until the herd approaches. Once you hear the cameras clicking, go for it!
  • Intermediates: Steer clear of inexperienced first-time runners, who will pull toward the left side of the barricades and can trip you up. As the herd opens up, shoot the gap.
  • Veteran runners: Timing is everything here. You can enter Town Hall from either side as long as your head is on a swivel. This segment of the route is lightning-fast and a 20-meter run on the horns is a feat to be proud of!

Be sure to check out our Pamplona bull run map for a birds-eye view of the 875-meter route. Looking for more info? Visit our comprehensive Pamplona Bull Run Center!

More resources for your first run with the bulls

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