How dangerous is it to run with the bulls?

The chance of being hit or gored by a bull in the Running of the Bulls® (encierro) in Pamplona is relatively low. However, being hit may result in injuries ranging from bruises to goring (the bull’s horn piercing the body) and death. Deaths are rare, usually occurring when a horn digs into a runner’s lungs. There is no guarantee for avoiding collision with a bull. People have been known to get hit even when they are pressed into a doorway. It is impossible to know exactly what catches a bull’s attention and makes him turn suddenly. The death toll since 1910 is 15 men, including a man who suffocated to death in a pile-up of runners.

Besides the dangers of the bulls themselves, there is also the possibility of being trampled on by other runners. This is quite frequent and can result in serious injuries if runners pile up. The worst bottleneck is at the entrance to the Bullfight Arena (Plaza de Toros). This location should be avoided, especially because there is no escaping from the bulls. Dead Man’s Corner is also a dangerous spot that should be avoided by first time runners.