What are the rules for running with the bulls?

It is against the rules:

  • To admit anyone under the age of 18 into the course as minors are prohibited from running or participating.
  • To go over the police barriers which the authorities see fit to erect.
  • To place oneself in the zones and areas of the itinerary which are expressly reserved by the agents of the authorities.
  • To hide oneself before the release of the bulls in corners, dead angles or doorways of houses or establishments located throughout the length of the course.
  • To leave the doors of the houses open along the course. The owners or tenants of the property are responsible for this.
  • To enter into the route in a state of drunkenness, under the effects of drugs or in any inappropriate state.
  • To carry objects which may impede the correct running of the Bull Run.
  • To wear clothes or shoes which are not appropriate for the run.
  • To call the animals or distract them in any way and for whatever reason in the course or during the rounding up in the Bull Ring.
  • To run at the bulls or to run behind the bulls.
  • To touch, to harass or mistreat the bulls and to obstruct their path by any kind of action during the exit and entrance of the release of the young bulls in the bullring.
  • To stop in the Bull Run or station oneself on the walls or barriers or in the doorways in such a way as to impede the run or the defense of the runners.
  • To take snapshots from inside the route or from the fencing or barriers.
  • To carry troublesome paraphernalia that could upset the proper execution of the Running of the Bulls®.
  • To install any kind of equipment that invades the horizontal, vertical or special area of the bull-running, except by express permission of the City Hall.
  • Any other kind of occurrence that could hinder the normal functioning of the Running of the Bulls®.

Check out our Official Rules for the Running of the Bulls for more information.