What should I wear to the Running of the Bulls®?

Experience the thrill of the world-renowned San Fermin Festival in Pamplona, Spain, in authentic style with the traditional attire that defines this exhilarating event. Picture yourself amidst the bustling streets, surrounded by a sea of white and red as you join the festivities in the iconic uniform of the Running of the Bulls®.

What to wear to the Running of the Bulls? It’s simple yet symbolic: white pants and a white shirt adorned with the customary red scarf, known as the Pañuelo, and a vibrant red waistband, known as a Faja. This Pamplona uniform is not just clothing; it’s a statement of participation, a symbol of camaraderie shared among those brave souls who dare to run with the bulls.

Embrace the spirit of San Fermin by donning your running of the bulls outfit. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a first-time adventurer, dressing the part adds an extra layer of excitement to your experience. Blend seamlessly into the lively crowd along the encierro route, feeling the pulse of anticipation as you await the thunderous stampede of hooves. Our collection of photos shows just how unanimous the uniform truly is.

But where can you find the essential components of your running of the bulls outfit? Look no further – we’ve got you covered. Each of our Pamplona tour packages features a Premium Apparel Kit, with a white shirt and a red bandana and sash. While you can purchase your complete ensemble at the fiesta, including white pants and shirts, we recommend bringing these essentials from home to ensure the perfect fit and comfort. That way, once you arrive in Pamplona, you’re free to dive into the vibrant streets and immerse yourself in the local culture by acquiring your red scarf and waistband from one of the many shops lining Estafeta, Mercaderes, and Chapitela streets. Check out our Premium Running of the Bulls® Apparel Kits.

Don’t forget to explore the charming nooks and crannies of Taconera Park, where you’ll discover hidden gems offering additional accessories for your running of the bulls attire. And if you find yourself near the Bull Ring or Merindades Square, seize the opportunity to add even more finishing touches to your outfit, ensuring you’re fully prepared for the exhilarating adventure that lies ahead.

As you gear up for the adrenaline-fueled spectacle of running with the bulls in Spain, remember that comfort is key. Embrace the authenticity of the experience without worrying about getting your clothes dirty – after all, it’s all part of the adventure.

So, lace up your running shoes, tie on your red scarf, and join the ranks of fearless thrill-seekers as you embark on the ultimate adventure of a lifetime. Let the spirit of San Fermin guide your steps as you run with the bulls, clad in the iconic attire that symbolizes the heart and soul of this legendary festival.