Floor-Level Balconies Offer Unparalleled Bull Run Views

The excitement and fear are palpable. You can literally feel the wave of energy as runners and bulls thunder past, a tangle of red-and-white clad bodies and furiously sweating bovine. The ground is quaking beneath the massive weight. And you are close enough to see the wide eyes, the furtive backward glances, and the quick escapes. You have a floor-level balcony spot for the Running of the Bulls – Pamplona’s most famous and celebrated tradition.

As the Spanish fighting bulls charge down the street, the runners clamber to stay in front of the riotous herd, diving under fences and make-shift barricades at the very last second. Many gorings and serious injuries take place at San Fermin’s main event, and you are in the veritable catbird seat.

You have a tremendous view of the spine-tingling action, the dangerous maneuvers and the thrilling screams of ‘mozos’ as they sprint for their lives, and attempt to finish the bull run unscathed.  

Best place to watch the Pamplona Bull Runs

Pamplona’s bull runs, known as encierros, are a life and death business. Without a doubt, they are a spectacular event to watch from the safety of a Pamplona balcony. These balconies belong to Pamplonese residents who open their doors for visitors yearning for a truly memorable experience.

Sure, there are some who watch el encierro along the bull run route. If you don’t mind waking up at 5:30, staking out a place behind the fences and fending off throngs of onlookers, you might get a fleeting glimpse. But is that how you want to experience the most exhilarating three minutes of the festival?

If the San Fermin Fiesta is on your Bucket List, and you want to enjoy the bulls runs in comfort, safety, and style – we recommend you consider a balcony spot.

If you need more convincing, check out this amazing 360-degree video taken from one of our premier floor-level balconies. This is a front-row seat to one of the world’s most electrifying spectacles – a cultural tradition that has been around for hundreds of years.

The emotions are tangible when you’re mere feet away from both runners and bulls. But keep in mind there is high demand for balcony spots along the key locations of the route – namely Calle Estafata, Calle Mercaderes, and Dead Man’s Corner. This demand gets higher during the first days of the festival, (July 6-9), when Pamplona swells with some 1 million tourists.

Reserve your Pamplona balcony spot today

Running of the Bulls, Inc is your trusted partner for enjoying the World’s Largest Fiesta™. We have prime balcony spots throughout the heart of Pamplona, but these don’t last long.

Want a truly visceral Running of the Bulls experience? Reserve a floor-level Pamplona balcony with us today!