Castle Resort Opening Ceremonies Package – starting at $2,883 pp

4,650.00 USD8,649.00 USD

  • Includes Cocktails with John Hemingway
  • Distance to Bull Run: 15-minute shuttle
  • Hotel: 4-star
  • Length of Stay: 3 nights
  • Chances to Run: 2 mornings
  • Opening Ceremonies Balcony
  • Bull Run Balcony: Premium Level 1 or Level 2 view
  • Bullfights: Lower Deck Tendido Seats
  • Breakfast: Included every morning
  • Meals: 1 private dinner included
  • Walking Tour: Bull Run Tour with Expert Runner
  • Gear: 1591™ T-Shirt, bandana and sash
  • Concierge: Our team member in your hotel lobby
  • Arrival Date: July 5th – Departure Date: July 8th

This premium package includes everything you need to make the most of the opening days of the Running of the Bulls. Stay at the Hotel Castillo de Gorraiz, a sophisticated golf and spa resort located in the tranquility of the countryside around Pamplona.

From the minute you book with us to the minute you arrive in Pamplona, we will be with you every step of the way to help make sure you have a flawless Fiesta. Our team of 35 guides surrounds you with support at every key moment but know when to back off and let you enjoy the freedom to explore Pamplona.

We escort you to your balcony to view the morning bull run (when it is easy to get lost in the chaos). We are always an SMS text away when you have questions or need help.

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