2022 Pamplona Bullfight Tickets

Pamplona’s bullfights are one of the most iconic parts of the San Fermin Festival, attracting the best bulls and most esteemed matadors from around Spain. Every evening of the festival at precisely 6:30 p.m., the bullfights take place in the grandiose Plaza de Toros. Imagine sitting in Spain’s second-largest bullfighting stadium– among 20,000 cheering aficionados – and watching a centuries-old athletic duel between man and beast.

The Plaza de Toros may be massive, but finding Pamplona bullfight tickets is no easy task. Local Pamplonese, who have yearly subscriptions to premier seats for the evening shows, hold 90 percent of all bullfight tickets.

For many people who travel to see the Running of the Bulls, the week of revelry and mayhem is punctuated by glimpses into the heritage of a proud people — and Pamplona bullfights are one such example.

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  • Bullfight Tickets: Lower Deck Tendido Seats

    Bullfights occur July 5-14th in Pamplona. July 5th is the Novilladas (novices), July 6th is Rejones, where the matador is mounted on horseback, and July 7th through July 14th are traditional bullfights, featuring the bulls which ran the bull run route that morning. They begin at 6:30 p.m. daily. We highly recommend arriving at the Plaza de Toros no later than 5:45 p.m. so that you may locate your seat. Tendido Shade: These are limited availability tickets on the shade side in the lower decks. The Tendido ticket reserves you a seat in the front section, getting you closer to the action alongside more serious fans.
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  • Bullfight Tickets: Upper Deck Andanada Seats

    Traditional Bullfights from July 7th through July 14th are the finale to the Running of the Bulls each day, featuring matadors who fight the bulls who ran the bull run route that morning. They begin at 6:30 p.m. daily. We highly recommend arriving at the Plaza de Toros no later than 5:45 p.m. so that you may locate your seat. Andanada Shade: These seats are located on the shade side in the upper decks. A cheaper option, with a friendly atmosphere and a view.
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Pamplona bullfight tickets 2022

The action is not just in the sands of the Plaza del Toros, as the local Peñas (the San Fermin social clubs) put on a show of their own in the Sol (sun) side of the stands with boisterous food and sangria fights. More serious spectators gather in the Sombra (shade) side of the stands, where calmer behavior is expected, if not the norm.

Guide to buying bullfight tickets in Pamplona, Spain:

  • Tendido (lower deck stadium seats) – For incredible views of the matador’s prowess, consider tendido seats which are on the lower deck of the Plaza del Toros. These seats are in front of Grada seats and behind the more costly Contrabarrera.
  • Andanada (upper deck stadium seats) – The Andanada section of the Plaza del Toros is located on the upper deck of the stadium. These seats are an excellent option for first-time bullfight spectators who want a more budget-friendly option. The back portion of the Andanada stadium is covered, while the front half is in the sun.
  • Grada (Grandstands) – The grandstand seats are the stadium’s only lower deck rows that are covered. We do not offer these seats because it is too difficult to predict which seats have a support beam in front of them, obstructing the view.

Keep in mind that shade (sombra) seats are coveted by tourists for two main reasons. Firstly, you are protected from the sun’s scorching summer rays, and second, you are not thrown in the midst of the social clubs’ wild antics.

How to get Pamplona bullfight tickets

The San Fermin bullfights take place from July 5 – 14th in Pamplona’s Plaza del Toros. July 5th stars younger bulls called novilladas; July 6th is the Rejones, featuring a matador on horseback, and the rest of the evenings are reserved for traditional bullfights with the six bulls that ran in the encierros earlier that day.

Bullfight tickets on July 6,7, and 8 are often the most challenging to source, as these days mark the beginning of the San Fermin fiesta and are Pamplona’s busiest.

Unless you live in Pamplona, almost all bullfight tickets are sold on the secondary market, so expect to pay many multiples of the face value. Less than 10 percent of tickets are available for purchase at the stadium the evening before the fight, but these go quickly.

Why take chances on buying from a scalper? Reserve your 2022 Pamplona bullfight tickets in advance with us! And be sure to check out our amazing bullfight tours!