Country Music Artist Roger Creagar Attends the Running of the Bulls

Death-defying pursuits are part and parcel for country music singer Roger Creager, whose thrill-seeking ways led him to straight to Pamplona this year for another chance to run with the bulls. Along with a willing group of buddies, the award-winning songwriter hit the crowded streets of Pamplona for the yearly San Fermin Festival, renowned for its epic all-night parties that make Mardi Gras seem like child’s play.

Creager, a born thrill-seeker, joins the 2019 bull run

The 2019 Running of the Bulls was not Creager’s first dance with danger. This was the fourth time that the country singer donned a red bandana alongside hundreds of other daredevils. As amazing as the experience was, Creager concedes that he’s probably not doing it again.

“I mean, it’s terrifying. If the third time’s a charm, then the fourth time, I’m just an idiot,” he told the Dallas Observer. Creager became fascinated with the Pamplona bull runs after reading Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises, which paints a romanticized picture of the glory and carnage that is the Running of the Bulls.

During his first attempt at running with the bulls in 2015, he realized just how imminent danger was after seeing participants getting seriously injured. In that particular run, three men were gored, and nearly a dozen others whisked away to the hospital.

With each year at the festival, Creager and his friends gleaned experience and insight on how to navigate the bull run course. Their strategy was ‘loose,’ and involved staying away from Dead Man’s Curve, where crippling injuries are common.

Runners go into complete survival mode

Creager claims he is not a so-called adrenaline junkie, but is drawn to adventurous pursuits that are ‘interesting.’ His describes the surreal moment when you can feel the breath of a 1,300 bull on your heels akin to being in a film. “For about 10 seconds while you’re actually in the middle of the mayhem, you don’t hear anything. It’s like the whole world goes completely silent and you’re in a movie for 10 seconds, but your heart is racing and you’re in a panic and in complete survival mode.”

Thrill-seeker or not, one thing is for certain: Roger Creager knows how to live life to the fullest. In addition to writing music, he pilots airplanes, climbs dormant volcanoes, wake-boards, surfs, snorkels and generally tries to appreciate every moment he is given.

If you are interested in attending the Running of the Bulls in 2024 like Roger Creagar be sure to meet with our Pamplona experts to help plan your perfect San Fermin experience.