Bullfight Tickets – By Day

Bullfight Tickets – by Day

July 5th Bullfighting TicketsJuly 5th is a great day to take in Spanish Bullfighting. Known as “Novilladas” this bullfight features younger bulls and younger bullfighters. Since most visitors to the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona only come for a few days, it is important to secure bullfight tickets for the exact day you will be there. While you could show up the day of the bullfight and hope to buy from ticket scalpers, the price, quality and authenticity of the ticket are not assured. If you’ve already spent thousands of dollars to come to Pamplona, we recommend spending a bit more to ensure your seats are reserved for the bullfight. We’ve helped create the secondary market for Pamplona Bullfight Tickets and we have the process down to a science. We hope you join us. Book July 5th Pamplona Bullfight tickets.
July 6th Bullfighting TicketsJuly 6th is a very special day in Pamplona Bullfighting, because it is the exhibition of the Rejones, or traditional mounted bullfighting. The Corrida de Rejones features Rejoneadors instead of Matadors, as they conduct the entire bullfight from atop their horse. This is not just a spectacle of bravery, but also of incredible horsemanship. Book July 6th Pamplona Bullfight tickets.
July 7th Bullfighting TicketsJuly 7th is the first day of the Matadors performing traditional bullfighting in Pamplona’s Plaza de Toros. It is also the first full day of the Fiestas de San Fermin, along with the first Running of the Bulls at 8am. This is the busiest day of the year in Pamplona. Every seat in the bullfighting arena is coveted on the 7th, so reserve your tickets early if you hope to attend. Book July 7th Pamplona Bullfight tickets.
July 8th Bullfighting TicketsJuly 8th is the second performance of the Matadors in Pamplona, and is typically the second most busy day in the city. The bullfighting arena will be sold out, so it is important to reserve your tickets in advance. Book July 8th Pamplona Bullfight tickets.
July 9th Bullfighting TicketsJuly 9th is the third performance of the Matadors in Pamplona’s Plaza de Toros. As it is the third full day of the San Fermin Fiestas and the Running of the Bulls, a few better-quality tickets will be available – this is a result of the season-ticket holders starting to offer their tickets to others after having attended the opening days themselves. Book July 9th Pamplona Bullfight tickets. ​
July 10th Bullfighting TicketsJuly 10th is the fourth performance of the Matadors in Pamplona. Since this is the middle of the Fiesta, you see more families enjoying the bullfights. Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult. Book July 10th Pamplona Bullfight tickets. ​
July 11th Bullfighting TicketsThe fifth performance of the Matadors in Pamplona occurs on July 11th. It is a great opportunity to choose from seats in all sections of the bullfighting arena because many season ticket holders offer their tickets for sale on this day. Book July 11th Pamplona Bullfight tickets. ​
July 12th Bullfighting TicketsReserve your July 12th bullfight tickets to see the sixth performance of the Matadors in Pamplona. Watch the Peña (social club) bands march into the Plaza de Toros and start the party in the Sol (sun) section, or sit among the serious Taurinos in the Sombra (shade) section. Book July 12th Pamplona Bullfight tickets.​
July 13th Bullfighting TicketsJuly 13th is the second-to-last performance of bullfighting in Pamplona. As the Fiestas de San Fermin draw to a close, this is one of your last opportunities to take in the spectacle Spanish Bullfighting. Book July 13th Pamplona Bullfight tickets. ​​
July 14th Bullfight TicketsJuly 14th is the last day of Spanish Bullfighting in Pamplona. It coincides with the end of the Running of the Bulls and the San Fermin Festival. Be sure you book your tickets early, because the last performance in Pamplona is worth seeing. Book July 14th Pamplona Bullfight tickets. ​​