Bar La Carbonera

Bar La Carbonera

A review of Pamplona’s nightlife wouldn’t be complete without a mention of La Carbonera. Now closed, and reborn as Rockollection Bar, La Carbonera earned its place in Pamplona history as a true celebration of local music, fun and connection.

The venue, located at 12 Olite street, hosted private parties, concerts, weddings and nightly live music. The owners wanted to thank “all their artists and unconditional fans” for years of great music together.

Here’s the full text of their farewell Facebook message (Spanish, then English):


Queridos todos, nos vamos… ha sido un placer disfrutar juntos de la buena música. Nos habéis llenado de energía, risas, felicidad y buen rollo. Agradecemos de corazón la entrega de todos nuestros artistas y nuestros fans incondicionales. Carbonera no habría sido lo mismo sin todos vosotros. Fieles a nuestros principios, a la defensa y promoción de la música en vivo.

Pasamos el relevo a Rockollectionbar

… para que la música nunca muera
… para seguir apoyando a todos nuestros músicos
… para que sigáis disfrutando de la buena música
… para defender que la mejor música es en directo

Siguen los conciertos de los viernes en #RockollectionLIVE!



Dear all, we are leaving… it has been a pleasure to enjoy good music together. You have filled us with energy, laughter, happiness and good vibes. We sincerely appreciate the dedication of all our artists and our unconditional fans. Carbonera would not have been the same without all of you. Faithful to our principles, to the defense and promotion of live music.

We passed the baton to Rockollectionbar

… so that music never dies
… To continue supporting all our musicians
… So that you continue to enjoy good music
… To defend that the best music is live

Friday concerts continue at #RockollectionLIVE!


We wish them well as they launch their new venture!