What Should I Wear to Attend to the Running of the Bulls?

I admit, I’m a mess when it comes to planning Sanfermin clothes. Year after year it is the same song … July 5th comes and I don’t have the clothes ready for the Festival….

As always, I have to run, and visit to the stores where I can find cheap white pants and T-shirts, but that’s when I live in Pamplona.  A few years I have luckily been able to reuse some pants, but last year this was not the case and I ended up buying 5 new pairs of pants and a few shirts for the entire festival (9 days toal).

If you don’t live in Pamplona, it is even more difficult, so here’s what I recommend… go to the Official Running of the Bulls 1591™ Merchandise Store and stock up before you leave home.

On July 5th, I gather my tradition red waistband, red scarf and sporting shoes, in order to prepare for Txupinazo … That night I always feel nervous, in anticipation of a festival I’ve been waiting for all year!

Early on July 6th, I get dressed and put on my waistband, tied with just a left side knot. The truth is that this year I’ll have to consider changing my waistband, because after many years of wearing the one passed down to me by my mother, I notice that the color has faded to pink from red after years of festival use.

The Pañuelico (scarf), I still can not tie it around my neck, because the tradition says that the scarf has to be tied around your neck when Sanfermines are alive (from July 6th at 12:00 noon, until July 14 at 12 : 00 midnight). What I do is tie to it to my wrist so I do not lose it and wait for the festival to officially begin.

If you are coming to Pamplona this year, I recommend that you bring your white pants and white t-shirts from home. Remember, it is important to be comfortable, and don’t worry if your clothes get dirty.

You’ll want your own heirloom from your Pamplona adventure you can pass down to your own children (or wear again next year!).