Are there activities available for children?

There certainly are! Here are a few:

The Giant Parade (Los Gigantes)

The Giant Parade was created by the end of the 19th century and involves four giant pairs of kings and queens dancing through the streets. They represent the world’s continents as they were seen in the 19th century: Africa, Asia, America and Europe. The Giant Parade takes place daily.

Children’s Day

The San Fermin Festival includes a ‘children’s day’ featuring numerous shows and a playground especially for the young.

The Fairgrounds

The fairgrounds located just outside the old city offer rides and other such amusements.

The Fire Bull

The Fire Bull runs through the streets each night during the San Fermin Fiesta, sparkling with firecrackers. This is a sight for anyone but especially children.

Please note: The bullfights are very bloody and the audience on the Sun side is quite rambunctious. We recommend only taking adolescents and finding a sitter to keep younger children while you enjoy this part of the festivities.

For children’s event dates, times and locations, please view the San Fermin Festival Schedule or pick up a program at any of Pamplona’s information centers.