Distinguished Berkeley Alum Recounts Running With the Bulls

Joe Garret, a legendary banker and respected alum of UC Berkeley shared his story in the Winter edition of the alumni magazine.

Garret was reluctant to revisit Hemingway’s work, but gave in to the impulse to read him again. This set in-motion a series of events that saw him running in the streets of Pamplona next to six toro bravos. Joe went all the way with his Pamplona experience, staying at the very same hotel where Hemingway lived, the Gran Hotel La Perla, and capping off his bull run with a drink at Cafe Iruña, where Hemingway spent many an hour drinking.

Having cheated death on the streets of Pamplona, and living to tell the story, Garret invoked Churchill’s words , “Nothing in life is so exhilarating as to be shot at without result.”

Read Joe’s article on the UC Berkeley alumni website.