Do you know how to say ‘Running of the Bulls’ in Mexico?

The legend of the Running of the Bulls has spread all over the world, and has worked its way into local cultures using different images, feelings and words. Even though we have plenty of words in Castilian Spanish to describe the events that occur in Pamplona – Sanfermines, Las Fiestas de San Fermin, El Encierro – our friends in Mexico have coined a term all their own:  “La Pamplonada” Mexico has a deep connection to the traditions of Spain, and enjoying fiestas is something that is close to the heart of both cultures.

So, to be sure we’re delivering on our mission to make it as easy as possible to attend the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, we’ve launched a new site to help our Mexican neighbors get access to the best of Pamplona:  La Pamplonada was prepared with love, by our very own Mexican citizen, Paty, who shares our passion for travel to the World’s Largest Fiesta.™ She shares info on Pamplona’s fantastic Plaza de Toros, and on tour packages that help you live the fiesta like a local: Vive la Pamplonada.

Spend some time getting to know La Pamplonada, and if you learn to say it just right, the mariachis might let you have a drink with them when they hit town.