Running of the Bulls® 2020 Cancelled due to COVID-19

The Pamplona city hall has suspended the celebration of the San Fermín festival in July 2020.

Acting mayor, Ana Elizalde, who is serving in place of mayor Enrique Maya while he recovers from the coronavirus, announced that the Running of the Bulls, the bullfights and the larger San Fermín Festival have been suspended until further notice. While there was talk of possibly holding a smaller Running of the Bulls in September, the acting mayor said, “We are in an unpredictable scenario and to guess or anticipate what will happen in five months would be an exercise in irresponsibility. Today, it seems complicated that the Sanfermines can be held this year, but we will wait to see how events evolve.”

Since there are over 14 official organizations involved in putting on the San Fermín festival, the decision has to come from consensus. The city itself is promoting the suspension, both for public health considerations, and because much of the budget for this year’s San Fermín is being used to alleviate the consequences of the health crisis caused by COVID-19. The city cited increased expenses for emergency aid, the municipal food bank, the homeless assistance center, and other accommodations.

The city has launched a campaign to remind people that the hope of enjoying the festivities together is not gone, just delayed. They released the following video as a reminder that we will once again gather in the streets of Pamplona: