San Fermin 2014 Poster Competition Begins

From March 1st through March 27th, the annual San Fermin Poster Competition is accepting entries for the coveted prize.

The event retains the same rules and forms as in previous years:  a jury will select eight finalists and then, during a period of popular voting, Pamplona citizens will vote to choose the official poster winner, who will receive a prize of 3,600 Euros.

As in past editions, the format of the poster is 100 inches high by 70 inches wide and the text included must be ‘Pamplona / Iruña. San Fermin 2014. 6th to 14th July / Uztailaren 6tik 14ra’. Local and foreign authors may participate with one work, original, unpublished, with no restrictions on the technique.  Finalists from previous competitions may not participate. Papers must be mounted on a rigid support safely packaged and presented.

All posters must be displayed without the designer’s signature and under a slogan to be written on the back of the work, and the designer of the poster will not be made public at any time during the competition process. Accompanying the submission should be a sealed envelope on the with the poster’s slogan printed on the outside.  Included inside the envelope, should be the designer’s name, address, telephone, photocopy of ID, a brief professional resume and a signed statement that the artist indicates that the work is both original and unpublished.

In 2013 competition, there were 451 poster designs submitted: 178 from Pamplona (almost 40%), 92 from other towns of Navarra, 174 from other Spanish provinces, and 7 from foreign countries. After the popular vote, the winner was ‘Canaan’, designed by Elixabete Bordonaba, which won 36% of the vote.
The official rules to participate are included below.
Source:  Ayuntamiento de Pamplona


1. The purpose of this Competition is to select the official poster for the San Fermín 2014 Festival.

2. The poster must measure one hundred centimetres high by seventy centimetres wide.

The poster must bear the following text:


San Fermín 2014

6 al 14 de julio/Uztailaren 6tik 14ra

3.  The competition is open to national and foreign participants, who may submit a maximum of one, original, previously unpublished work using any technique per entrant. Short-listed works from previous years’ competitions may not be entered in the competition.

4. The entry period for the receipt of works runs from 1 to 27 March 2014.

5. Works shall be received from Monday to Saturday (only working days) from 10.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.

Oficina de la Ciudadela

Avenida del Ejército, s/n

31002 Pamplona (Navarra)


Tel. ++948 420 975 / e-mail: [email protected]

6. Works must be submitted on a rigid frame or support to allow for assessment by the Jury and potential exhibition, and must be properly packed.

7. Posters must be submitted without a signature and under a pseudonym written on the back of the poster. The identity of the artist must not be made public at any time during the competition process.

A closed envelope must be submitted together with the poster bearing the pseudonym of the poster on the front. The envelope should contain the name and surname of the artist, his/her address and telephone number, a photocopy of his/her National ID document and a brief professional curriculum, accompanied by a written declaration signed by the artist stating that the work is original and has not previously been published.

8. The organisation may not be held liable for any loss or damage that may occur to works submitted to the Competition.

9. All costs incurred as a result of submitting or returning works shall be borne by the entrants.

10. At the end of the thirty-working-day period following the conclusion of the Competition, failure to retrieve non-prize-winning works shall be construed as a waiver of rights and Pamplona City Council shall be entitled to dispose of the works at its discretion, and shall not recognise any rights to claims or indemnities of any kind.

For the return of posters, entrants should contact Oficina de la Ciudadela.

11. Pamplona City Council reserves the power to include the city’s coat of arms on the winning entry in the San Fermín Poster Competition, and is also entitled to change and/or replace the coat of arms, if any, already featured on the original work and alter the position of the coat of arms in the final layout of the winning entry.

12. The Jury shall consist of:

Chairperson: The Councillor attached to Pamplona City Council’s Education and Culture Department.


One Councillor from each political party represented on Pamplona City Council. Coalitions of several political parties are entitled to be represented by one member of the Jury.

Three professionals from the fields of design, communication and the plastic arts.

The Director of Pamplona City Council’s Education and Culture Department.

Pamplona City Council’s Plastic Arts Officer.

Secretary: The Administrative Officer of the Education and Culture Department.

13. The Jury shall first shortlist eight finalist posters. Following that, a civic participation period shall be opened for no less than ten days so that citizens can cast their individual votes, using different means made available for the purpose, the prize-winning poster being the one receiving the largest number of votes from the public. Both the civic participation period and the voting procedure shall be publicly announced in due time.

14. Only one prize shall be awarded, amounting to EUR 3,600.00, to be financed under item 50/45310/480000 of Pamplona City Council’s General Budget. Applicable personal income withholding tax will be applied to this amount.

15. By paying the prize money, Pamplona City Council acquires the winning poster and the prize-winning artist or artists grant it exclusive ownership of all the economic intellectual property rights inherent to the prize-winning work. Pamplona City Council may, therefore, freely proceed to exploit the poster through such means as reproduction, distribution, publication or transformation within the period established in article 26 of the Consolidated Text of the Intellectual Property Act (“Texto Refundido de la Ley de Propiedad Intelectual”), being entitled to disseminate the work by any tangible or intangible means, including any mode of exploitation, to reproduce the work through any media or in any format, and to distribute and publish the work for public exploitation throughout the world.

Online broadcasting and transmission of the works and making them available through interactive digital networks, such as the Internet, are expressly included. Likewise, Pamplona City Council may exploit reproductions of the poster on any form of merchandising support, be it directly or by authorizing a third party to do so.

16. Pamplona City Council shall organize an exhibition consisting of the winning poster and those works selected by the Jury. Likewise, Pamplona City Council reserves the right to organize other public exhibitions at venues and on dates yet to be determined using any of the posters presented, images of which may be used to disseminate the competition.

In this event, posters may be retrieved, having previously contacted Oficina de la Ciudadela, within thirty working days as of the close of the last exhibition.

The authors of non-prize-winning works included in such exhibitions shall have no right whatsoever to any form of financial consideration, although their authorship shall be duly acknowledged.

17. In compliance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on Personal Data Protection, you are hereby informed that the personal data provided by entering the competition may be included in the files that comprise the data bases of Pamplona City Council, and that you may exercise your right to access, correct, cancel and oppose this data or act in any of the cases provided for in article 38 of the Legal Regime of Public Administrations and Common Administrative Procedure Act by contacting Registro General del Ayuntamiento de Pamplona (Palacio del Condestable, Calle Mayor, 2, 31001-Pamplona) or any of the subsidiary registries thereof (C/ Descalzos no 72-Área de Educación y Cultura; C/ San Saturnino no 2, planta baja -Área de Medio Ambiente-; C/ Monasterio de Irache no 2, planta baja -Área de Seguridad Ciudadana-; Avda. del Ejército no 2, 5a planta -Área de Urbanismo y Vivienda-; C/ Zapatería no 40, planta baja -Áreas de Servicios Generales (Recursos Humanos) y de Bienestar Social e Igualdad; and C/ Eslava 1B -Oficina de Rehabilitación).

18. By participating in this Competition, entrants fully accept these rules and the decisions of the Jury.

These rules and any administrative decisions resulting from their application may be challenged, at will, as follows:

By filing an appeal for reconsideration before the municipal body from which the administrative act emanates within one month, calculated as of the day following the date of notification or, if applicable, publication of the act being challenged.

By filing an administrative appeal before the Administrative Tribunal of Navarre (“Tribunal Administrativo de Navarra”) within one month of the date of notification or publication of the act being challenged.

By filing an administrative appeal before the Contentious-Administrative Court of Navarre (Juzgado de lo Contencioso-Administrativo de Navarra”) within two months, calculated as of the day following the date of notification or publication of the act being challenged.