Traveling to Pamplona for the Running of the Bulls 2018

With the first frost coming over us in North America we are starting to dream of warmer days to come. That’s not the only reason to start planning your summer vacation at the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona 2018. Flights for the Opening Days July 5th through 8th most certainly sell out 2-3 months ahead of time and the prices continuously rise until then. If you are even 80% sure that you are going to Pamplona in summer 2018 you may want to consider booking a flight from Madrid to Pamplona airport now. That way you can lock-in a great price and guarantee a direct trip to Pamplona without too much of a financial downside. Roundtrip flights from Madrid to Pamplona are going for $126 per person for the Opening Ceremonies July 5-8 right now. Keep in mind that if the flights to Pamplona sell out and you fly to the next possible airport (Bilbao or Biarritz), you will pay at least double that amount for a rental car or transfer. If you are certain that you will be traveling, you may as well book the entire trip from your home to Pamplona, which usually takes you through Madrid, and gives you a bit of a price break on the connecting portion to Pamplona airport.

Here is an overview of airports to consider for traveling to the Running of the Bulls Pamplona in 2018:

Pamplona airport (PNA): most conveniently located; a 15 minute car ride from the city center

San Sebastian (EAS): not as many connections but closest non-Pamplona airport at 1 hour drive away

Biarritz (BIQ): many connections from across Europe, a 1.5 hour car ride from Pamplona

Bilbao (BIO): many connections from across Europe; a 2 hour car ride from Pamplona

For a more information on getting to Pamplona see our FAQ What is the best way to get to Pamplona Spain?

If you are coming from Barcelona we recommend taking a train or renting a car. is relatively easy to navigate and the first class compartments are only slightly more expensive than second class but a lot more comfortable.

If you travel to any airport other than Pamplona, can help you organize a private transport. Many of our clients are surprised when they realize that a chauffeured ride in a Mercedes, Audi or BMW is comparable in price to a one way economy car rental – that’s the economics of the fiesta when everything becomes scarce. Don’t worry about Pamplona private car transfer for now though, these can be booked last minute online or by calling us. It’s the flights you want to prioritize in your trip planning.