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  • Watch the Run.
    If you plan to watch the bull run, you'll need a balcony to see the action. There are very few places to see what is happening without a balcony. The balconies that over look the run are all owned by private families. We negotiate directly with the homeowners to give you access to their home for breakfast and to watch the run. Very Cool.
  • Watch the fights. Or Not.
    The history of bullfighting is not without controversy. If you choose to witness a bullfight you'll come away with a deeper understanding of the pageantry and skill of the matador, and see how this is such a part of the fabric of Spanish culture. 
  • Be Exclusive.
    We've created the opportunity for exclusive VIP access to several events. Witness the action from terraces overlooking the main events or attend a private "friends" dinner. Let us know if you are interested and we'll suggest options.
  • In your own words.
    Finally, tell us in your own words what you want from your trip? How would you describe your group? Anything you share will help us design something just right for you.