Running of the Bulls Closing Ceremonies

On July 14th just before midnight, the square in front of Pamplona’s Town Hall is once again packed with people, though the crowds are noticeably thinner and less exuberant compared to a week earlier. Nine chaotic days after the Chupinazo rocket was set off, it is time for the Running of the Bulls Closing Ceremonies – a bittersweet moment for Pamplonese and visitors alike.

Pobre de Mi marks the end of the fiesta

The closing event of the San Fermin Festival is the mass intonation of “Pobre de Mi” in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. Thousands of people softly sing “Pobre de mi, pobre de mi, que se han acabado las fiestas de San Fermin,” lamenting the end of the annual festivities.

For exhausted revelers, Pobre de Mi signals that party is officially over – but not for long. Before sadness descends, the Mayor of Pamplona addresses the crowd, encouraging everyone to return the following year for another round of thrilling bull runs, bullfights and non-stop celebrations.

Unlike the opening ceremonies, which are marked by frenetic energy and copious amounts of alcohol, a sense of tranquility looms over the crowds. The end of the Running of the Bulls may not be as joyous as the start, but it has its benefits. Fewer tourists crowding the square means that young children can enjoy the experience safely. It’s also a mesmerizing sight to behold: thousands of people singing as they mourn the end of a centuries-old tradition. 

San Fermin Festival Closing Ceremonies 

At the closing ceremonies, it is customary to have a lit candle which is extinguished at midnight. After bidding farewell to the festival, everyone walks to the Church of San Lorenzo, where they remove their red handkerchiefs and leave them in honor of the Patron Saint.

Running of the Bulls, Inc. invites you to join us for this unique and emotionally-charged event, which is amazing when seen from a balcony.