Pobre De Mi

Pobre de Mi San Fermin – “Poor Me”

All good things must come to an end, and after 9 action-packed days of daredevil antics, incredible bullfights, colorful parades and non-stop partying, Pamplona’s San Fermin fiesta closes with the melancholy lyrics of “Pobre de Mi,” or “Poor Me.” Visitors who are in Pamplona on July 14 can’t miss this bittersweet farewell ceremony, which marks the finale of the Running of the Bulls festivities.

San Fermin Festival Closing Ceremony

At the stroke of midnight on July 14th, Pamplona residents and San Fermin festival-goers mourn the end of the nation’s biggest and most famous fiesta by gathering in front of Town Hall, where the mayor shouts to the crowd: “Falta menos para el glorioso San Fermin (Not long for the glorious San Fermin!).” At this declaration, it is customary for everyone to remove their pañuelo (red neck scarf), light a white candle and begin singing Pobre de Mi as they wave their candles in the air.

Thousands of revelers sing along as the Pamplona band plays this traditional song. Some have tears in their eyes as they belt out the lyrics during the closing ceremony:

“Pobre de Mi, Pobre de Mi, que se han acabado las fiestas, de San Fermin.”

(Poor me, poor me, for the San Fermin Festival has ended)

The mood isn’t entirely downhearted, however, as the Pamplona mayor urges everyone to look forward to another glorious San Fermin Festival, which is not far away.

A series of rockets are then set off in the adjoining plaza, signaling the official end of the fiesta. Many people will leave their red handkerchief and candle at the doorstep of San Lorenzo Church, paying their respects to Saint Fermin. After midnight, plenty of bars remain open to host those who want to prolong their celebrations in Pamplona.

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