Let’s dance in Pamplona

Have you tasted a Kalimotxo? The Kalimotxo is a characteristic drink of the area, a mixed drink made with red wine and coke. Yes. Red wine & coke. It may sound foreign and some hate it, others love it, but you can’t come to Pamplona and not give it a try….

During San Fermín Festival, the bars are open 24 hours a day, and you could try this drink at any of them at any time of the day.

Below I’ve provided detail about some of my favourite bars. During San Fermin, many of the restaurants remove their tables and transform their space into a bar to meet the demand during the festival. Current and traditional SanFermin songs are played and a good dance party is not hard to find.

In Pamplona music is played all day, and it is best that you can find anywhere … I invite you to discover your favorite bar in town. When you get home feel free to tell me your favorites!

In Plaza del Castillo

Cafe Iruña

Always a classic! It was the first place in Pamplona featuring electric light, opened on July 6, 1888. Hemingway cemented this bar’s fame by featuring it in one of his famous books about Spain.

Gure Etxea

Every year this Bar cover the walls with Kukuxumuxu drawings, and always looks like a local place, very “sanferminero”, the staff is very nice and is located in the Plaza del Castillo is perfect for trying a local drink, dancing and after going to see a concert nearby.


This two-level bar has two entrances, one on Plaza del Castillo and one on Estafeta street, personally, I prefer the top part of the bar.


The entrance to this local gem is hidden, but you can find it in the Plaza del Castillo, near the Café Iruña. It’s a bar with two levels, spacious and a good atmosphere.

Near Plaza de Toros


One of the most popular night-time bars during the San Fermin Festival, usually very busy because it’s a meeting point for people of Pamplona and also because the blaring music captures the attention of people passing by.


Perfect if you want to be outdoors, has a courtyard and also a big tent shared with other bars.

La Carbonera

This old former coal store is a nice place to drink and dance. However, it is not located in the main streets of the town, so you are going to have more space for dancing!! Also, during San Fermín Festival, tents are put up outside.

Bar La Rua

Nice Bar ​​with good atmosphere and good service.

San Nicolás Street


One of the most popular bars, located on Calle San Nicolas and plays varied music from different generations. It is usually very crowded, so you have to be patient if you want to get in.


Singular Club

This bar is located a bit further out but is generally less crowded with good music and good atmosphere. It is located near the Vuelta del Castillo Park and Antoniuti, making it perfect for a drink when the fireworks end, or after a concert in Antoniuti.