Looking for a perfect souvenir during The Running of the Bulls?

Tired of traveling and bringing home a boring fridge magnet? Do you always promise to bring your family and friends a gift when you visit a foreign country and spend half you holiday looking for the perfect souvenir but still end up finding nothing and settling for the the magnet?

Well that won’t happen in Pamplona! In this post I will try to help you find the perfect souvenir to remember The San Fermin Festival AND bring home the perfect gifts for family and friends.

One of the most typical gifts is the “pañuelico” or “Faja”, which you can find in many stores around all town Pamplona, as I published in our previous post about “What should I wear to Attend to the Running of the Bulls or“ or check out our online store to find your Running of the Bulls Outfit.

If you want to be more original and bring home something more functional, an idea that I personally love, is to buy a pair or handmade espadrilles.

This shoe, is the official footwear of the Navarre regional costume, which is rarely used now during the Running of the Bulls, as there can often be glass on the ground and is better to wear closed sport shoes. But, you can use it for the rest of the summer, and is currently very popular in Spain.

There is a tiny shop, on Estafeta Street. The name is “De Mil Colores“. Here you can find the typical espadrille, and also, other designs more elaborate, for men, women, and also children. They even have a special line for San Fermin!

Another original and fun idea are pins. You can find them in different materials and shapes, but my favorite ones, are those that you can personalize on the following web site:A que te gustayou can even put your name on it!

If you are looking for something more traditional, why not to buy a bota (leather wine skin)? You can use it to drink during the bullfights and then take it home to decorate your kitchen! In Navarre the most traditional and popular brand is “Las Tres ZZZ”. You can find them in the store “Olentzero“, located on Estafeta Street.

Last but not least, if your country of residence allows you to return with food or drink, a perfect gift may be typical Navarre products that you can share with friends to give them a taste of Spain or save for yourself at home.

A store with many products of Navarre is “Napar Bideak“. The items here are all quality handmade products – as you can imagine! They include, asparagus, artichokes, beans, and of course, delicious wines from Navarre!

Vinoteca Murillo“, is where you can buy the best wines of D.O. Navarra such as Ochoa, Chivite, Orvalaiz, and the king of Navarre distillates, Pacharán. this is a liquor very difficult to find outside of Navarre that I advise you to taste, if you have an chance. It’s the perfect way to end a lunch or dinner with friends.

These are my basic recommendations, but please do not hesitate to contact me if you need more ideas. I am more than happy to help you!