San Fermin Festival With KIDS!

As I have mentioned in previous posts, the San Fermin festival is a celebration for all ages, and few cities can claim to have a variety of different events and activities that both children and adults can enjoy together.

To know what children might enjoy the most, it is best to go directly to the source. I decided to interview Ane and Sarai Martinez, two sisters, from Pamplona, aged 8 and 11 years old that look forward to festivals each year.

What does the San Fermin Festival mean to you?
San Fermin means fun and activities. We had a great time because we do many things from morning until night. We play and dance all day long.

And what do you like best?
What we like best are the giants and big heads, the Txupinazo, games for children in Conde Rodezno Square, the fair, the “encierro” and “encierrillo”, the exit of the “Peñas” (music bands of bullring), the farewell of the giants and big heads until next year on July 14th…. In general we like everything. There are also concerts played by musicians that we like.

As you know in Pamplona, on July 8th, we celebrate Children’s Day … How is that day for you? Do you do anything special?
On Children’s Day the first thing we do is go up to the giants and big heads, then we make an offering to San Fermín in the church of San Lorenzo.

Then we have lunch and then in the afternoon after lunch we go up to the “mulillas” (horses) and accompany them to the bullring.

From there we go to Conde Rodezno Square, where there are lots of games for children. That day usually we dine out and later we run in front of the “toro de fuego”(fire bull) before going to see the fireworks and if we are not tired we will see a concert at Plaza del Castillo.

It is a very full day!

And. .. you aren’t afraid of the Toro de Fuego? Can you explain to the people who read the interview what is and when it happens? any advice for other children to run?
Yes, there are loose sparks and many people running and you can not run as much as you want.

The fire bull is a bull of a non-flammable material (like hard plastic) conducted by a person who goes through the streets of Pamplona’s old town at 10 pm every day. He leaves the square of Santiago and for 20 minutes chases children. My advice is to not run

hard or push others. Don’t run in new clothes because if you fall or drop a spark your clothes may get damaged.

I suppose that not you will see Txupinazo from the Town hall … Can you tell from what you are able to see?
We do not see Txupinazo from Town Hall there are always too many people and children are small. We see it at Plaza del Castillo, which also has a great atmosphere and many people but people like us, Children with parents and grandparents.

There are also young people from about 14 to 16 who do not want to enter the Town Hall because there are people older than them and push them a lot. Overall it is a great time!

If you are planning a family trip this year, Pamplona could be a nice stop for few days!!