Where should I park my car during the Running of the Bulls?

In Pamplona, during the festival of San Fermin the best choice is to get around by walking or public transportation (if your hotel is away from city center), because vehicles are not allowed in the center of the city from July 5th to July 14th.

If you are coming to Pamplona by car, the best option is to park in a parking lot. All of our hotels have private parking to park your cars in a safe place, but if you don’t stay at any of the hotels we work with, here’s my recommendation:

Plaza de Toros Parking
31002 – PAMPLONA
Phone: +34 948 212 046

Carlos III Parking
Avenida Carlos III

Baluarte Parking
Phone: +34 948 213 293

Corte Inglés Parking
Estella, 9
Pamplona, Navarra
Phone: +34 948 202 000

If you prefer to park your car on the street, it is important to know where to do it, otherwise it can take hours to find a spot, so it is best to leave it in a neighborhood far from the center when you arrive to Pamplona. From there you should walk downtown.The best places to park on the street are the San Juan or Iturrama districts.

In general,whatever you do, remember where you parked your car! Note that in Pamplona streets are written in two languages: Spanish and Euskera, so it is advisable to note that both “Calle” means street in Spanish and “Kalea” means street in Euskera.