2019 Pamplona Bullfight Tickets Almost Gone

Pamplona bullfight tickets for 2019 are almost sold out. On July 5, the pandemonium known as the San Fermin Festival begins. Now is time to secure your seat in Pamplona’s Plaza del Toros, where skilled matadors will artfully take on Spain’s prized fighting bulls.

2019 Pamplona bullfight tickets – advance purchase available

If you are visiting Pamplona for the Running of the Bulls, don’t miss out on this iconic event! The grandiose bullfighting arena is the second largest in Spain, and seats close to 20,000 cheering spectators.

While the Pamplona bullfights are becoming increasingly popular among foreign travelers visiting for the San Fermin Fiesta, tickets are extremely limited and difficult to source. Scalpers, or touts, are ubiquitous during the 8-day festivities, but fake bullfight tickets are a common scam, and the real ones are incredibly expensive and hard to come by.  

The best way to ensure your spot is to purchase your tickets ASAP with Running of the Bulls, Inc. We have long-standing connections with local Pamplona residents, which allows us to offer premium tickets to the San Fermin’s nightly bullfights.

Here’s a snapshot of our remaining Pamplona bullfight tickets for 2019:

July 5th:  Available

July 6th:  95% Sold Out

July 7th:  97% Sold Out

July 8th:  98% Sold Out

July 9th-14th: 85% Sold Out

Why is it so difficult to get bullfighting tickets if the stadium seats 20,000 people? Close to 90 percent of the seats in the Plaza del Toros belong to local Pamplonese who pay a yearly fee for season tickets to the seven consecutive evenings of bullfights. This coveted membership is lifelong and is usually passed down among generations.

Don’t miss out on San Fermin bullfight tickets– book today!

The bullfights, known as “corridas,” are yet another exciting platform in which to enjoy the unique cultural traditions of the San Fermin Festival. The action starts at 6:30 p.m., and each night from July 7-14, spectators will watch matadors battle the very same bulls that ran earlier that morning.

Whether you want a shaded seat in the upper decks or a premium box seat in the preferential section, now is the time to book your San Fermin bullfight tickets while they’re still available.

We even have a few Tendido shade tickets in the front section, situated among die-hard fans who want to have an up-close view of this ancient duel between matador and bull.

Steer clear of black-market tickets and purchase yours with confidence from Running of the Bulls, Inc.  Our team is dedicated to helping you experience the best of Pamplona and the San Fermin Festival, garnering 5-star reviews and glowing testimonials from thousands of satisfied clients.