2013 Bull Runner Survey Results

A survey at the Running of the Bulls™ shows that 56% of runners ran for the first time this year, and 86% are between the ages of 18 and 35.

56% of the people who have participated in the Running of the Bulls in the past did it for the first time, 21% say they run occasionally, and 23% say they make a habit of running each year. This data is derived from 517 surveys conducted by the City of Pamplona to runners during the eight days of the San Fermin Festival.

The survey also notes the amount of young people who ran, since 80% of the runners were between the ages of 18 and 35, 17% between the ages of 35 and 55, and only 3% were over the age of 55. In 2013 the gradual increase in the number of runners continued, which now comes to 9% of the participants. Also, a fifth of the runners, 21%, say that they run without having slept the night before and 10% say they do not know or don’t meet the set standards to run with the bulls. 99% of the runners say that they are aware of the danger in the bull run, even the danger of losing their life. Running also has certain social components as 81% of runners say they run with friends, and 19% say they run alone.

As far as which section of the bull run route people prefer, the surveys showed that 33% run in Santo Domingo, 27% preferred the section of the Plaza Consistorial (Town Hall Square) and Mercaderes Street, 18% run at the beginning of Estafeta Street and 22% choose the end of the route with the last section of Estafeta Street, Telefonica and Callejon (the alley).

Source:  Ayuntamiento de Pamplona