Local Board of Civil Protection Meets

This morning at 11am, in the local Pamplona Municipal Police station, the first local Board of Civil Protection of the Festival has taken place, headed by the Mayor Enrique Maya and those responsible for various municipal areas (City Security, Urban Housing and the Environment, Education and Culture, Urban Conservation and Welfare and Equality).

This meeting was to take stock of the first hours of the Festival with representatives of the Municipal Police Headquarters, Provincial Police, National Police and Civil Guard, the ANE (Agencia Navarra de Emergencias – Navarra Emergency Agency), the Department of Interior Government of Navarra, the Pamplona Service commonwealth, the DYA, the Red Cross and other groups involved in the development of the Festival and those responsible for fencing (Aldaz Carpentry) or the company’s Restricted Parking Zone (Dornier).

Since the beginning of the session they have observed the influx of spectators to the Festival is somewhat lower than the same time in previous years, although they say that next weekend could be more crowded.

For example, in the Bull Run on July 7th there were 3,900 runners, compared to the 4,200 who ran last year on the same day. In addition there was also a slight decrease in the number of vehicles that have passed through the access points of the motorway in Sarasa and Tiebas. Further, those responsible explained that the general trend after Chupinazo (Opening Ceremonies) is normal in the operation of all municipal services.

Source:  Ayuntamiento de Pamplona