Boorowa’s “Running of the Sheep” a Success

Borrowa, NSW, about 300km West of Sydney hosts an annual “Running of the Sheep” – a gentler, woolier homage to Pamplona’s Running of the Bulls.  This year, disaster was narrowly averted as the sheep appeared to keep circling a roundabout, not realizing they could exit and continue.  Thankfully, there were Aussie sheep dogs on-hand to save the day and keep the herd of 150 Merino sheep thundering down the track again.

The event is organized by Boorowa’s Council, and overseen by the Tourism and Economic Development Office.  Irish Wool Fest celebrates the high-quality Merino wool that comes from the region, along with the town’s strong Irish roots, dating back to the 1820’s.  For a brief look at the festivities, ABC shared this video of the event, and the Sydney Morning Herald offered some nice coverage as well.