Running of the Bulls, Inc. Welcomes Cruise Guests to Pamplona

Through it’s brand, RunningoftheBulls, Inc. has announced support for cruise ship passengers arriving or departing from Bilbao and Barcelona – making it easy to enjoy the Running of the Bulls, and the San Fermin Festival.  The port of Barcelona hosts over 3.6 million cruise passengers a year, and Bilbao’s growing cruise traffic is now more than 180,000 passengers a year.

Mark Hellmann Regouby, President of Running of the Bulls, Inc. said, “Bilbao is just 2 hours from Pamplona, and Barcelona is only 4 hours away.  Given their proximity, it makes perfect sense to make The Running of the Bulls® a pre- or post-cruise trip extension.” Running of the Bulls, Inc. offers Pamplona Tour Packages that include Pamplona Hotels, Bull Run Balconies, Pamplona Bullfight Tickets, and transfers to and from Pamplona.

“These new packages were designed with the cruiser in-mind. Having spent 17 years in the cruise industry, I understand how important it is to make the land programs match up seamlessly with a guest’s on-bard experience,” commented Laura Hummel, Manager of Sales & Guest Service for the company.

Cruise guests can customize their packages to match their dates and other travel preferences. Optional trips like Torero Training & Bull Ranch tour are also available to cruisers under the Pamplona Tours section of the web site.

Source: Running of the Bulls, Inc.