Can’t wait until next Running of the Bulls™?!

Running of the Bulls Celebration
I’m still reminded each time I enjoyed in the past Sanfermines and I decide that I can’t wait until next year!

Many people do not know that it is not necessary to wait a year to dance with the Peñas (music bands), watch the giants and big heads, or to run in front of Torico de Fuego (fireworks bull).

Every year on September 25th in Pamplona, in the neighborhood of Navarrería, the San Fermin Chiquito occurs. It’s a small festival to commemorate the martyrdom of the saint in Amiens, France. This festival isn’t eight days like San Fermin, but instead four (from, always, Thursday through Sunday). Though the event is mainly aimed at children, it’s still full of tradition and joy!

To announce that festival has started church bells ring and bands play their music while they wander through the old streets. The four days are full of events including the running of the bulls for kids (with fake bulls, of course), big heads, chocolatadas (tables with free chocolate and churros), bull of fire (Toro de Fuego), games, and more.

Though the festival is geared towards kids, they’re sure not to leave adults out. Activities for adults include a donkey race, concerts, a procession (where we can see the image of Saint Fermin), giants and big heads, the Dantzaris, and of course the band, The Pamplonesa.

On Sunday at 9:30 pm, the Closing Ceremonies (Pobre de Mi) ends the festival.

During San Fermín Chiquito, there is no Encierro (running of the bulls) and people don’t wear white and red clothes, but it is a great opportunity to enjoy some of the beloved festivities of San Fermin more than once a year. If you are in Spain during those dates, I recommend that you travel to Pamplona be carried away by the music and atmosphere that you will find in my wonderful hometown, Pamplona.

Ya falta menos!