2013 San Fermin Fireworks Prizes Awarded

Winners of the XIV International Fireworks Competition were honored in a Pamplona ceremony.

The Reception Room of the Pamplona Town Hall welcomed this morning a ceremony to award the prizes drawn among the participants in the popular vote of the XIV International Fireworks Competition at the 2013 San Fermin Festival. The winners were: Raquel Rojas Goicoechandía (ebook) Alvaro Blasco Vicente (ebook), Julian Fernando Andueza Irurzun (tablet), José Miguel Ayerra Pascal (tablet), Maria Angeles Sancho Rodríguez (Nintendo Wii) and Joseph Zapiain Bust (camera ). The awards were presented by the Councillor for Education and Culture, Fermín Alonso, and the Director of Marketing of the Diario de Navarra, Mar Lopez, representatives of the two entities that sponsored the fireworks competition.

The popular vote consisted of 3,455 votes, out of which 2,411 were submitted via the Web, and 1,214 paper votes. Participants in this year’s voting chose as the best shot at Vulcan Pyrotechnics, which was made in addition to the award of the public with the first prize awarded by the jury. In the popular vote, after Vulcan Pyrotechnics, which gained 3.61 points, was ranked Pyrotechnics Sorrows Maria Perez with 3.5 points, and Pyrotechnics Thomas with 3.48 points. Pyrotechnics Thomas was also received the second highest jury score.  The popular vote was open to all interested persons who could vote either through the website of the City of Pamplona (www.pamplona.es) and the website for San Fermin (pamplona.sanfermin.es) or submitting their votes in the headquarters of the Diario de Navarra or the Tourism Office.