North American Travel Options

We can’t wait to get back to Spain. The food, the wine and the people all mix to provide a warm welcome. While we wait for the borders to open up again, we’ve been researching alternate ways to get out and experience something different. Since we spend a lot of time on the Basque Coast of Spain, we’re enthusiastic about rocky coastlines, punctuated with quaint harbors and unspoiled beaches.

Thankfully, there’s a similar region in North America, that can offer that same sense of unspoiled beauty, wide-open spaces, and fishing communities that feel like they’ve been there forever. New England is just such a place. We got introduce to New England Cruises through a consulting assignment in 2017, and realized just how much there is to see, much closer to home.

If you’re cruising to Bar Harbor, Maine, then you have to check out Somes Sound, the only natural fjord on the North American East Coast. And what survey of New England would be complete without a cruise to Martha’s Vineyard to hobnob with the Summer set, or cruising by Nantucket Island to see one of the “average” homes – where the median sales price is $2.3 million.

While they won’t be likely to serve you sangria, the cuisine will be just as influenced by their proximity to the ocean as Pamplona’s food – having a major fishing port just 45 minutes away means fresh seafood year round. We’ll keep offering suggestions to make the most of your North American travel, until Europe opens up again. Hope to see you again in Pamplona soon!