European Tour Operators Association Pushes to Open EU Borders

Running of the Bulls depends on open EU borders

Tom Jenkins, CEO of The European Tour Operators Association (ETOA) warns the EU member nations that 2021 tourism revenue is at risk if the borders are not opened to North American travelers. The Schengen area (as the common European border states are known) have been closed to North American visitors since March of 2020. Since North American visitors represent $70 billion in travel spend each year, the 90-95% drop in 2020 is an experience none of the member countries or tour operators want to repeat.

For the Running of the Bulls 2021 to happen, several different governing bodies need to be in agreement. All the way from the City of Pamplona, the Region of Navarra, the country of Spain, and the overall EU border must be open to foreign visitors. Given the slow rollout of vaccines in Europe, there is a less possibility this will come together in time for the July event.

As the largest tour operator at the World’s Largest Fiesta™, we encourage all parties involved to find a way to safely allow tourism to open again. For the sake of our suppliers, employees and guests, everyone is anxiously awaiting the opportunity to travel again.