Vulcano Wins the 20th San Fermín Fireworks International Contest

Pyrotechnic Vulcano’s designer, Miguel Ángel Beltrán Sevilla, was elected winner of the 20th San Fermín Fireworks International Contest. His award-winner, “Ciudadela en Llamas” (Ciudadela on Fire), was shown the night of July 13th during the San Fermín Festival. The jury of San Fermín awarded the 5,000 Euro winner prize to the “Ciudadela en Llamas,” followed by Leopoldo Fernández Peñalver’s show, “Noche mágica en la Ciudadela” (Magic night at the Ciudadela), displayed on July 9th. The third place was awarded to Manuel Osuna Oliva’s “Zoloriscos,” presented on July 11th.

The San Fermín Fireworks International Contest has been a staple of the San Fermín Festival for over 20 years. This year, the authors’ last names were added to each fireworks show to accredit the creators of the magnificent spectacles. The members of the jury representing Pamplona’s City Council rate each firework display based on the firework material quality, timing, rhythm, and the work of each visual artist who has embodied an ephemeral work of art in Pamplona’s skies.

According to this year’s jury, Miguel Ángel Beltrán Sevilla “presented the first pyro-digital red and white creation in which he produced a recognizable musical sequence, in addition to an overall pleasant aesthetic show.” Furthermore, “he correctly used different resources to create a feeling of harmony within his show and generate an overall coherence to the narration.” The jury emphasizes “the sections within the show shared a harmonious scenery of outstanding personality, with ground details that created a string that tied all elements used throughout the production.” Lastly, “the powerful, final blast was an adequate grand finale to the colorful, unusual production delivered.”

The Valencian, Miguel Ángel Beltrán, is one of the designers of the Madrid firework firm, Vulcano. The firm’s firework manager, José Luis Giménez Clemente, ceded his charge this year (he was initially invited to this firework contest) with the intent of showcasing the new talent in his team. Beltrán knows Pamplona very well since he has worked most of the eight occasions when Vulcano has participated in the famous fireworks contest. The Vulcano firm has won the San Fermín Firework contest in the years 2010, 2013, and 2016.

Silver and Bronze

Second place was awarded to Leopoldo Ferrández Peñalver, author to the “Noche mágica en la Ciudadela” (Magic night at the Ciudadela) displayed on July 9th. Leopoldo is a member of the firm Fuegos Artificiales Hermanos Ferrández. The second-place purse was 3,000 Euros. The grand jury highlighted the “outstanding work” of the “compelling collection that used significant digital resources, plus a long and strong closing that overcame other shows.” The bronze award and the 2,000 Euro prize was awarded to Manuel Osuna Oliva and his “Zoloriscos,” displayed on July 11th. Osuna is a member of Pirotecnia García. “The great variation of fire used over the Citadel’s walls was excellently executed at a technical level, and it was perfectly combined with the fireworks simultaneously used in the sky.” 

The jury of the twentieth edition of the San Fermín 2019 Fireworks International Contest was composed by the delegate of Culture and Equality, María García-Barberena Unzu, the director of Culture and Equality, Jorge Urdánoz Apezteguía, the ex-director of the Government Delegate of Valencia’s Community and pyrotechnic specialist, Fernando Martínez Sotillos, the ex-director of Diario Navarra news, Julio Martínez Torres, the reporter, Lucinda Poole, and the artistic director and pyrotechnic specialist, Mikel Pagola Erviti. Also, Jose Luis Mosquera Sande, a technician of Pamplona’s Department of Culture and Equality, served as the secretary of the grand jury.