Precautions Taken at the Running of the Bulls™

On July 2nd a non-slip surface will be applied to several sections of the streets where the Running of the Bulls takes place in order to reduce the number of falls by the runners and bulls.

The Running of the Bulls Working Group noted in their meeting this morning that next Tuesday, July 2nd an anti-slip substance will be applied to various sections of the bull run route, especially in the area near the curve at Mercaderes Street, as an added security measure. Also, they have addressed various issues about the coordination of the Running of the Bulls after analyzing the races last year and reviewing the rules for participation of the runners.

As it has done since 2005, the chemical anti-slip substance will be applied on Plaza Consistorial (Town Hall Square), Mercaderes Street and “La Curva” onto Estafeta during the night to reduce the occurrence of slipping both by the runners and the bulls. This is a way to add security to the race and prevent dangerous situations from possible falls by the young men and bulls in the ninety degree turn between Mercaderes and Estafeta streets. The chemical substance that will be applied, when it comes in contact with minerals on the ground, creates millions of micropores that cause a suction action and prevents many of the falls and slips.

The Running of the Bulls in 2012 left 4 people injured by bull horn, 41 people were taken to different hospitals and 388 people with many different injuries were attended to on the course. More than 500 people worked in the health and safety zones every day to ensure the Running of the Bulls went smoothly. The busiest day in terms of runners was Sunday, July 8th with 4,200 people counted. On the 7th, 3,300 people gathered for the Running of the Bulls. As of July 9th the number of runners decreased to only 2,900 people, 2,300 on Tuesday the 10th, 2,100 on the 11th and 12th of July, and 1,900 runners the last two days.

Source:  Ayuntamiento de Pamplona