The Sanfermines Soundtrack

Sanfermines Soundtrack

When I came to Dallas one of the strangest sensations I felt was when I was at a party – everyone knew the song lyrics except for me. There I was in the middle of all the locals singing and I didn’t know any of the words. This put a damper on my nights out because I wasn’t having as fun as the locals. I would like to help prevent this same situation for you while in Pamplona.

During the San Fermin Festival, the music is varied, but all good Pamplonica have to know the basic songs of the fiesta:

1 de Enero

This song is going to be present at all parties, it is sung at the beginning, middle, and end, so be sure to know the lyrics.

Uno de enero, 2 de Febrero, 3 de Marzo, 4 de Abril, 5 de Mayo, 6 de Junio, 7 de Julio San Fermín. A Pamplona hemos de ir, con una media, con una media. A Pamplona hemos de ir con una media y un calcetín.

La canción del Encierro

Is sungthree times before Running of the Bulls™ (7:55 am., 7:57 am and 7:59 am) at Santo Domingo Street, in front of the Saint Fermín figure.

Since 2009, this song is sung bilingually (Spanish and Basque). The first time it is sung in Spanish and the second in Basque. I know, if Spanish sounds difficult Basque sounds even more difficult … but who dares?

A San Fermín Pedimos, por ser nuestro Patron, nos guíe en el Encierro, dándonos su bendición.

Entzun arren Sanfermin, zu zaitugu patroi, zuzendu gure oinak, entzierro hontan otoi.

Viva San Fermín / Gora San Fermin

El Vals de Astrain

Initially this song was a waltz without lyrics composed by a musician named Astrain. Then Maria Luisa Ugalde, added the lyrics that the Pamplonicas sing while the La Pamplonesa (Music Band) plays the song again and again during the evening of July 6, during the Riau Riau (event which is not currently officially celebrated). But if you go on day 6 to Town Hall Square, I’m sure that you can sing the song with lyrics.

The lyrics are quite long, but the most important to know is the refrain:

Porque llegaron las fiestas, de esta gloriosa ciudad, que son en el mundo entero, una cosa sin igual. ¡¡Riau-Riau!!

Pobre de Mi

It’s the last song of the Running of the Bulls. But not the worst!

If you are in Pamplona on July 14, you can’t miss the Poor Me – Closing Ceremony (Pobre de Mi), and therefore, you ought to learn this song that is going to be sung endlessly to announce that the festival has come to an end.

With a mixture of sadness and joy and a white candle in hand, you will be able to sing together:

Pobre de mí, pobre de mí, que se han acabado las fiestas de San Fermín.

Got it? if not… you also can say lo lo lo loooooo, lo lo….