San Fermin Festival Dictionary

If you want to come to Pamplona and feel like a Pamplonica, you should know a few necessary words to get around the city like a duck to water:

Barracas: popular name given to the carnival at the bottom of the hill along the Arga River. This is where you can find rides and attractions for adults and children.

Capotico de San Fermín: Term used when someone is saved from a dangerous taurine (bull) situation, especially during the Encierro (Running of the Bulls). It means that San Fermin takes care of that person and therefore, they were not hurt.

Corrida de Toros (Bullfights): The traditional bullfights at the Plaza de Toros (Bull Ring). In Pamplona there are bullfights only during the San Fermín Festival. From July 6th to 14th at 6:30 pm.

Cuadrilla: In Pamplona, locals use “Cuadrilla” to describe groups of friends. Normally, as Pamplona is a small town and it is easy to meet a lot of people, the Cuadrillas are often large groups. They all go together to the Corrida (Bullfights), celebrate together the Txupinazo (Opening Ceremonies), and enjoy many group lunches and dinners during the festival. Many of them eat in restaurants, while others prefer to get a permit from the City Council and eat and drink around a big table in the street.

Juerga: It is how people of Pamplona call partying! Let go party = Vamonos de Juerga!

Kalimotxo: Typical drink which is very popular among young people of Pamplona. In Navarra, this is more popular than Sangria. It consists of wine mixed with Coke.

Mozo: Normally, locals call the boys “Mozos”. During the festival of San Fermin (the Running of the Bulls), this word is used to named the runners who run with the bulls.

Poteo / Ir de Potes: Deeply rooted in Pamplona, and one of the main attractions of the city. This action, refers to the process of exploring different bars to have a pintxo (tapa) and a glass of wine, beer or vermouth, before having lunch.

Peña: Organized group with a registered name and their own venue. The 16 peñas (clubs) in Pamplona are the life of the party. You can distinguish the Peñas because each wears a different scarf and are masters of the Tendido Sun Side Section at the Plaza de Toros (Bull ring). Each year they create a banner with the Peña name, and always are followed by his band of music and hundreds of people dancing and singing around Pamplona.

The name of the 16 clubs are: Aldapa, Anaitasuna, Los del Bronce, Donibane, La Jarana, Oberena, Sanduzelai, El Txarko, Alegría de Iruña, Armonía Txantreana, El Bullicio Pamplonés, Irrintzi, Muthiko Alaiak, Rotxapea, San Fermín, La única

Villavesa: It is the popular name to refer to the urban buses. Locals called it Villavesa because the first bus that was in Pamplona made the journey between Pamplona and Villava. These days there are many public buses that go in all directions. To find out how to get from one place to another in Pamplona, and for bus schedules during the Running of the Bulls, visit the official website

There are lots more different words, but for this, you have to wait for the next post!

Agur! (Goodbye in Basque).